High School Scoop – Thursday August 14, 2018

Tuesday August 14, 2018

Adidas: Adidas will partner with Intersport to stream eight high school games through Twitter this fall. More here.

Clearwater Academy International (FL): Due to a late cancellation Clearwater Academy International is looking for a week 3 or week 4 game. 9/7 or 9/14. Interested programs can contact 727-412-2053.

A Florida high school claims to have created “the best turnover motivator”

Southern Durham (NC): Southern Durham HS located in beautiful Durham, NC is in a serious emergency need to fill an opening on one of two play dates, October 19, 2018 or October 26, 2018. One of our conference varsity football teams just announced yesterday that they were dropping their football team for the 2018 season. We are located within a 30 mile radius of 3 power five conference ACC schools, University of North Carolina Tar Heels, NC State University, Duke University. This would be a GREAT recruiting opportunity for your program. We are open to possibly travel to Virginia, South Carolina, or anywhere in North Carolina.  Please contact me as soon as possible. Cell phone number 919-475-5371 or email me [email protected].

A challenge to every coach who’s ever described himself as a “grinder.”

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