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Last night Appalachian State unveiled five new uniform combinations that they'll wear during their final season of FCS play before moving up to play the big boys of the Sun Belt in 2014.

The new uniform combinations include; black jerseys and black pants, white on white, black and white, white and black and a new alternate grey jersey option (that will be worn with black pants) that will be auctioned off to fans at the end of the season. The grey unis will have "Always Attack" on the name plate.

They've traded their traditional glossy helmets in for the matte black look with their classic block "A" logo on a black background (similar to their logo they've used in the past). They'll also have a helmet option that dons their throwback masscot, "Yosef", to choose from as well (much like they debuted last season).






Author: Doug Samuels
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