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Mercer University of the FCS defeated NAIA Reinhardt University 40-37 on Saturday, but the final score was the most irrelevant detail to emerge from Mercer University Stadium on that day. More than any other game in Week 1, this one was about the event. 

Saturday's game in Mercer, Ga., pitted two Peachtree State programs playing their first real game since launching (or, in Mercer's case, relaunching) football.

We're talking about the years of commitment from university leadership, the tireless work of the athletics department, the unbridled support of fans and boosters, the endless belief of the coaches and the intrepid faith of the players that combined to turn an idea into a team. 

Wins and losses will matter in the future, but today that's irrelevant. This was a celebration of university, of community, and of football. 

Author: Zach Barnett
Zach Barnett is a native of Denton, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. He joined FootballScoop in 2012 after two years at the National Football Foundation. His hobbies include watching college football, reading about college football and writing about college football.