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Hiring a quality video coordinator is will make your entire operation run smoothly. The really good ones have the practice film ready for coaches within minutes of walking off of the practice field.

"Video, in football, is your primary teaching tool," O'Brien points out in the clip. "That's really how I, in many ways, prepare the football team for the opponent that we're playing."

In short, getting the right guy in place allows your coaches to focus on coaching.

O'Brien and the staff believe that they have that guy in Jevin Stone.

As Stone points out, his duties go beyond just filming practices and games. They also film every single college football game on Saturdays so that coaches can pick out a specific play from any game that the staff may have caught a glimpse of and really liked (like a fake punt or field goal for example), and be able to break it down and look to implement it for the Nittany Lions.

"When you do this job as a video guy, you have to look at football in a different manner than you would any other way." Stone explains.

Here's a good look behind the scenes.

Author: Doug Samuels
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