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Asked about the biggest challenge that he faced this season at Washington State, Mike Leach noted a first for his coaching career.

"One of the most 'marathon' things that I've ever seen...I've never even heard of this really. But we had six offensive lineman take every snap that we did this year. Every one."

"Usually you do it with eight, which means that everybody's effort is cut by about a third. And then if you get the thing in hand, which we didn't get any in hand, then you play the seconds, and thirds." Leach explained.

"We had six guys play vitually every snap. So that was fairly challenging."

Author: Doug Samuels
Doug Samuels has been with FootballScoop since 2011. Samuels joined the FootballScoop staff after serving as a college scout as well as an assistant coach at the college level, where he was fortunate enough to have coached every offensive position by age 24. Samuels is a lifelong Michigan State fan, no huddle enthusiast, and currently coaches high school football in West Michigan.