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The Boston Globe did a nice write up on new Boston College head coach Steve Addazio and his rise through the coaching ranks to his current job with the Eagles, which he refers to as the "job he's always wanted".

The article covers everything from his long standing relationship with high school coaches in the area, to why his players hold him in such high regard even years after they've graduated.

Addazio, who started his coaching career at Western Connecticut before a relatively brief stint at the high school level before he headed to the FBS ranks for good, described himself as a guy who worked his way from the bottom up.

In his eyes, that's rare in coaching today.

“I’m one of those guys that came from the ground up. I really feel like I’ve learned this business the right way. A lot of guys in the business today, they kind of wake up on third base."

"I didn’t. I earned it. It took a while, I built my career, but I feel like those stops along the way have been great experiences for me, and they pay back to me all the time.” Addazio explained.

The article also talks about how his eight month stint as Florida's interim head coach (after Urban Meyer's departure in 2010) prepared him for opportunities at Temple and his most recent opportunity at Boston College.

Take a minute and give the whole article a look by following this link.


Author: Doug Samuels
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