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After being bombarded with questions on NFL head coaching vacancies and various rumors at the Fiesta Bowl media day yesterday, Houston Nutt of Sirius XM College Sports Nation lightened the mood by commending Chip Kelly on the cohesiveness of his team, and asked him what the secret was to getting everyone on the same page.

"I think one thing, that doesn't go unnoticed by us, but I don't think people really realize is that our staff has been together for four years. We haven't lost a strength coach, haven't lost an assistant coach, our operations staff is the same. The people that touch our kids on a daily basis are the same people."

"There's a consistency in our message. The players that come into our program understand what it's all about, what our expectations are, and then we've got a group of older kids that, as they mature through the program, do a great job of making sure that the younger kids understand how things are done."

Then Kelly explained the importance of having leadership beyond the coaching staff and having a consistent message from top to bottom.

"For any organization to be great, they have to have not only vertical leadership, which is from us down, but you also have to have horizontal leadership, which is in the locker room. And we turn our locker room over to guys like Dion Jordan, Michael Clay, Kiki Alonso, and Kenjon Barner and their message to the younger guys is the same message that our coaches give to them so that's what puts everyone on the same page."

Just after the three minute mark, one reporter lobs some fun, non-football related questions at Kelly, including his preference between Biggie and Tupac. Definitely worth hanging in there until the end.


Author: Doug Samuels
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