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Oregon notches one-point safety in Fiesta Bowl

"We have an unusual ruling," official Ron Cherry announced to the Fiesta Bowl crowd Thursday night. He wasn't lying.

After an Oregon touchdown, Kansas State defensive tackle Javonta Boyd blocked the ensuing extra point try. The ball landed in the hands of Kansas State defensive end Ryan Mueller at the one-yard line, where Mueller immediately retreated into his own end zone. Mueller lateraled to defensive back Allen Chapman, who was tackled while still inside the end zone.


After reviewing the play, Cherry explained NCAA Rule 8, Section 3, Article 2, Subsection I, which in layman's terms is known as a one-point safety. 

Oregon had already gone for two after its first touchdown, and now the Ducks got a PAT in the most unconventional way possible.

As of press time, research wasn't clear how many times a one-point safety has happened in college football history, but the most recent (and possibly only other) occurance came in a 2004 Texas - Texas A&M game. Oddly enough, both games were called by ESPN's Brad Nessler. 

Here is the video of the last time the game's rarest scoring play took place.

Of course, Twitter had some fun with the one-point safety.

Author: Zach Barnett
Zach Barnett is a native of Denton, Texas and a graduate of the University of Texas. He joined FootballScoop in 2012 after two years at the National Football Foundation. His hobbies include watching college football, reading about college football and writing about college football.