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When Mark Stoops was hired at Kentucky, he decided to bring a very unique strength and conditioning program with him.

"Here at the University of Kentucky, we have what's called a 'high performance program', and it's very different than most program's you can go and see." director of high performance Erik Korem explained.

"My role as the high performance coordinator is to oversee all aspects of preparation from the physical to the mental, technical and tactical. Here we have a very unique group where the sports medicine folks, the strength and conditioning coach, the sports psychology people and our football coaches are all on the same page in everything that we do so that everything that we do leads to maximizing sports performance."

"Everything that we do from practice to training here is all periodized. It's a well thought of plan so that we can help these guys achieve their best on game days. It's a very unique and dynamic situation and coach Stoops is way ahead of the curve in where we're going with this."

Take a look at what Korem is talking about in the clip below.

Author: Doug Samuels
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