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American Athletic Conference releases their logos

The new American Athletic Conference has released their primary logos. 

Commissioner Mike Aresco, who has been vocal in staying away from the "AAC" acronym. stated that the logo featuring the classic letter "A" and unique star inside was unanimously chosen.

"It's a bold look. Obviously this is a media world we live in, and we wanted to make sure we had the kind of mark that would be distinctive and would make an impact when people saw it. We wanted it to be something people would like and remember, but the notion really was to make it as simple as possible but also strong." Aresco told USA Today.

We definitely don't see this unique logo being confused with any others out there.

What are your thoughts?

Just as a reminder, the American Athletic Conference will be a 10 team league in 2013 (Louisville, Rutgers, UConn, South Florida, Cincinnati, Temple, Houston, SMU, Central Florida, Memphis). In 2014, Louisville will depart for the ACC and Rutgers will leave for the Big Ten, but the conference will add East Carolina, Tulane and Tulsa.



(H/T to USA Today for the logos)

Author: Doug Samuels
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