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  • Video: Take a cribs style tour of Boise State’s football facilities

    Boise State has some of the best facilities in the Mountain West, if not the very best.

    With their on the field success over the past decade or so, that’s likely something you’ve heard before, but now two players (Jay Ajayi and Donte Deayon) lead you on a first hand tour of what’s behind closed doors at the football facility.

    The two guys crash a few coaches offices (including coach Harsin’s setup) along the way, as well as the recruiting room, academic center, meeting rooms, weight room, training room, the “snack shack”/ nutrition center, players lounge, and the locker room.

    The most impressive part to me was what they called the victory tunnel, complete with graphics and blue turf on the walls to touch on the way out, underneath a “PROTECT THE BLUE” sign.

    Seems like every room they go into is a perfectly executed artistic rendering…everything looks very sharp. It’s no wonder some top notch talent chooses to take their talent to Boise.

  • Video: Clemson Football “Four Seasons – Fall”

    Clemson has started a video series entitled “Four Seasons” showcasing the life cycle of a Clemson recruit. The first video – “Fall” – shows the lifestyle around the program, the work the program puts in to develop its players away from the field.

    It’s a video that isn’t going to psyche a kid up to run through a wall, but it is going to get Mom and Dad to feel better about sending their kid to Clemson.

    That’s the plan, anyway.

    What do you think?

  • Update at Ohio State

    Ohio State fans (and coaches throughout the profession) are excited for Tom Herman; but also want to know what Urban plans to do to fill the offensive coordinator role at Ohio State.

    Let me preface this by saying that we haven’t heard from Urban and aren’t aware of any public comments he has made about this yet; but here are my thoughts.

    First, as we expected, Tom Herman will continue to call the offense through Ohio State’s playoff run; but will, appropriately, shift his focus full-time to Houston following Ohio State’s final game. Herman, Urban and the collective offensive staff have created a unique offensive identity and while they will always seek to improve upon what they have, we don’t see them brining in a new coordinator from outside the program as this time. We anticipate Urban promoting co-offensive coordinator Ed Warinner to offensive coordinator.

    There has been some speculation out there that receivers coach Zach Smith might move to quarterbacks. We don’t see that as the most likely scenario. We would expect Urban to look to bring in a new quarterbacks coach. No pressure on the new guy, Tom Herman set the bar…well, good luck with that.

    As more becomes official we’ll keep you posted as always on The Scoop.

  • Coaching vs. cancer: The inspirational story of Mark Grossner

    On August 18 of this year, Mark Grossner began his own personal three-a-days. There were the regular two-a-days as head coach of Baker University, an NAIA school in Baldwin City, Kan., and then there was his daily cycles of chemotherapy and radiation to fight off squamos cell carcinoma, a cancer that had formed in his neck that was discovered a week prior.

    “If you saw me that Friday (Aug. 15), the stitches were … my whole neck was hanging,” Grossner told the Lawrence World-Jouranl in October. “I looked like I had been slashed across the neck pretty good.”

    Grossner settled into his routine throughout the fall, treatment in the morning and practice in the afternoon, and missed only two practices through the first half of the season. As a matter of fact, he excelled. The Wildcats won their first seven games of the season and rose to No. 2 in the NAIA rankings before closing the season with an 8-3 record, with two of their three losses coming in one-possession games.

    As Grossner continued to coach while he fought and fight while he coached, he served as an inspiration to his team.

    “It kind of put everything in check for us this year. Coach G is not one to talk about himself or bring attention to himself, and the fact that he brought that up before the game and said that he really wanted to win that game really inspired us,” wide receiver Connor Stremel said. “I think it brought us through if you look at the kind of game we had. It was a fight until the end, and it was a tough game for us.”

    However, Grossner’s story resonated far beyond Kansas. In his now nine seasons at the helm at Baker, Grossner has done much of his recruiting in the San Diego area. Local high school coach Rolando Rivera put together this video of former Grossner’s former players encouraging their coach and talking about the lasting impact he had on their lives.

    The mark of any successful coach is not the games he wins, but the lives he touches. By any measure, Mark Grossner is a tremendously successful coach.

    Keep fighting, coach.

  • The LSU Music City Bowl hype video starts with a bang, courtesy of Les Miles

    The only thing that could make an LSU hype video even better, is audio of a Les Miles pregame speech.

    “This uniform, and your helmet, bring a passion and speed, and violence that many opponents don’t want to measure.” Les tells the team.

    “They don’t want in that battle. Get ready, because tonight is about this football team.”

    The Tigers will face off against Notre Dame on December 30th at 3pm EST.