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  • Wednesday’s One Minute Warm Up

    To get the blood pumping:

    – Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre has done something that no other college coach in the history of the game has done.

    – Last night’s episode of Hard Knocks had some interesting moments and screen shots.

    – If you enjoy hilarious TV and fantasy football, this is great news.

    – Oregon State offensive coordinator Dave Baldwin drinks 16-18 Diet Cokes a day…and he’s been doing it the past 20 years.

    – Clemson defensive coordinator Brent Venables with the quote of the day.

    – Another creative commitment announcement shouldn’t really surprise anyone at this point

    The best from yesterday:

    – The FootballScoop staff attempts to predict the biggest coaching surprises of 2015.

    – NBC has scrapped plans to revive the 90’s comedy sitcom Coach.

    – Report: UCF’s George O’Leary wants to be the full time AD, and plans to step down as head coach

    – Les Miles explains says his hospital trip was due to “too much coffee”.

  • Video of the Day – Coached up with George McDonald at NC State

    Video of the Day

    Wednesday August 2, 2015

    Coached up with George McDonald at NC State

  • Nebraska provides latest reminder to watch what you say on social media

    Nebraska stock

    Nebraska giveth, Nebraska taketh away.

    One day after being hired as Nebraska’s public address announcer, Jon Schuetz says the Huskers have fired him over a social media post he made criticizing Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman. Here is the post, according to the Omaha World-Herald:

    Harvey Perlman is as (sic) disgrace. Remember this was the guy who extended Steve Pederson’s contract only to fire him a few months later. When will he be held to account?

    The policy seems pretty draconian considering: A) Schuetz was not a Nebraska employee at the time and B) Good luck finding a new PA announcer that never made a critical of a program more than 15 years removed from its last conference title. I believe that reduces the field down to Nebraska employees, Perlman family members and those born without fingers.

    Nevertheless, Schuetz does not begrudge the program for firing him. It’s Nebraska’s job to give and, obviously, Nebraska’s job to take away.

    Let this be a reminder to us all to audit our social media accounts every so often so as to prevent burning bridges before we even have a chance to cross them.

  • Kyle Flood says he fully expects to be Rutgers’ head coach on Saturday

    Photo credit:

    Photo credit:

    The inquiry into Rutgers head coach Kyle Flood’s alleged email impropriety has lasted more than two weeks now. It was supposed to be resolved “quickly.” Rutgers AD Julie Hermann has yet to speak publicly on the matter.

    In spite of all these facts, Flood’s job continues, and the Scarlet Knights open Saturday afternoon against Norfolk State.

    With a game now less than five days away, Flood spoke Tuesday, dancing around the incredibly awkward elephant placed in the middle of the room.

    Kyle Flood quotes

    Rutgers’ investigation is sure to wrap up. Eventually.

    (quotes via @TheFootballFour)

  • FootballScoop Predicts: Biggest Coaching Surprises of 2015

    Brian Kelly Nick Saban

    With the 2015 football season finally upon us, each of FootballScoop’s primary writers – Scott Roussel, Zach Barnett and Doug Samuels – have offered one bold coaching prediction sure to come true this winter.

    Scott (@FootballScoop): Nick Saban will not be Alabama’s coach for the 2016 season.

    I can’t support it by reportable facts, and of course there is no pressure from the administration; but from folks in the profession, I keep hearing “Nick isn’t happy,” “Nick seems miserable,” “Nick is very frustrated,” and I can foresee the very real possibility that Nick pulls the rip cord and ejects from Tuscaloosa after this season. Where that parachute will land, well, that has to play out, but I don’t suspect T-Town will be Nick’s final coaching stop.

    Zach (@Zach_Barnett): Brian Kelly leaves Notre Dame for the New York Giants job. 

    Brian Kelly has said in the past he doesn’t necessarily have to take an NFL job to his consider his career complete, and I believe him. To a point. I don’t believe Kelly would leave Notre Dame to coach the Kansas City Chiefs or the Tennessee Titans.

    But after the Giants miss the playoffs for the fourth straight season and sixth time in seven years, the franchise and its 69-year-old head coach Tom Coughlin make a mutual decision to amicably part ways and reunite on the anniversaries of their 2007 and 2011 Super Bowl seasons. Kelly, meanwhile, produces another very good-not-great season at Notre Dame, cementing in his mind the 2012 run to the national championship game is as far this program can be taken. And it’s at that point that leaving behind a program with omnipresent academic hoops that need jumping through, an exhausting national recruiting footprint and antiquated expectations for a chance to coach one of the NFL’s premier franchises sounds pretty darn tempting.

    Doug (@CoachSamz): The Big 12 won’t make a single head coaching change.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and say that the Big 12 will return all of their head coaches for the 2016 season. Bold statement? Sure, but’s that is the way I see it. David Beaty at Kansas was the lone new head coach heading into this season, and as long as Paul Rhoads gets back to doing he’s capable of in Ames by leading the Cyclones back to a bowl game, the conference could logically return all ten head coaches in 2016. Bill Snyder is the league wild card as he’ll turn 76 here in early October.