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  • Video: San Diego State is taking the Aztec look to the next level

    Today, San Diego State revealed their new uniforms for 2015, and the overall first impression is that they are taking the Aztec look to the next level.

    The most talked about part of the new uniforms will be the one-of-a-kind helmet design which will feature the Aztec Calendar, a unique piece of Aztec history that dates back to the 1400’s in Mexico. The new helmets will also feature a black stripe down the middle, which is a color that SDSU hasn’t incorporated into their helmet design since 2004, according to the release.

    The details in these helmets are really unique.


    Take a closer look at the changes here.

  • An Arkansas State associate AD is wearing a football helmet until the Red Wolves sell 10,000 tickets

    Last Saturday morning, Jason Martin strapped on an Arkansas State football helmet. He wore it all day. And the next day. And the next. One of two things will happen before he takes it off: the Red Wolves will sell a record 10,000 season tickets, or the month of August will end.

    Martin, A-State’s associate athletics director for external relations, devised this football helmet hunger strike as an unconventional way to attract attention to the Red Wolves’ ticket drive. “It was just kind of a brainstorm of what I could do that would be fun and goofy and still draw attention. I don’t know how it really came to me, but I decided to throw on the helmet,” Martin told FootballScoop. “I ran it by our athletic director (Terry Mohajir) and he loved it. From that point I was pretty much locked in whether I wanted to do it or not.”

    From that moment on, Martin – who testified he was indeed wearing the helmet while speaking to me over speaker phone in his office – has worn the helmet at work, at home, in the yard, and everywhere else except to bed and to perform other necessary human functions.

    Arkansas State officials told FootballScoop the Red Wovles have moved 6,312 season tickets as of this morning. Before you rush to create a GoFundMe page for Martin’s impending chiropractor visits, keep in mind that Arkansas State says it had sold 4,442 tickets at this time last year and finished at 8,571. “I’ve been trying to pace myself and not act too much like a bobble head. So far so good,” Martin said. “Ask me in another week or two. Hopefully we’ve hit our goal in the meantime.”

    Martin said head coach Blake Anderson and the football program loved the idea, though they haven’t exactly made the physical portion of quest easier on him. “I think anybody has football background or anything has given me a slap on the helmet just to offer some encouragement, which is fine.”

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  • Video: An ONSIDE PUNT got returned for a touchdown last night in CFL action

    During last night’s CFL game, with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats punting to the Toronto Argonauts, the Argos punt returner (AJ Jefferson) briefly forgot one of the wackier rules of the Canadian Football League.

    As I learned last night, when you’re punting in the CFL, if you have a few players lined up behind the punter, they can actually recover a punt just like you would we would recover an onside kick on our side of the border.

    From the looks of how the situation played out, Jefferson (a rookie defensive back from Fresno State) wasn’t aware of the rule and acted like he was fielding a punt back in the states. That prompted a Tiger-Cats defender to pounce on the loose ball up, and roll a time or two before popping up and sprinting into the end zone.

    Crazy, right? In Jefferson’s defense, he didn’t look like the only guy who didn’t know what was going on.

    You have to wonder if this was just a product of a rookie making a mistake and not knowing the zany rule differences between the CFL and football in America, or if it was a strategic coaching decision to use the CFL rules to their advantage when they saw a rookie punt returner back there.

    Either way, it was something exciting that we’ll never see once college football (and the NFL) comes back on in a few weeks, so appreciate it while you can.

  • Recruit creates his own Monopoly board to announce his college decision


    This past off season, we’ve seen recruits introduce some crazy ways to announce their college destinations. It all seemed to reach a whole new level when one recruit made his announcement by pulling a bus, then the nation’s #1 kicker short music video on a private jet to let the world know where he was headed. Some recruits have even teamed up with Bleacher Report for a more professional look.

    Now, the ante has been raised even further, as Rockhurst HS (KS) athlete AJ Taylor decided to make his announcement with a custom made Monopoly board, dubbed COLLEGEOPOLY – AJ Taylor Edition for the big event.

    Apparently Monopoly was a favorite game in the house as Taylor grew up, so incorporating it into his announcement seemed appropriate.

    The custom game board had schools that had offered him in place of properties, “chance cards”. and green houses and red hotels, just like the real Monopoly game. Taylor staged a bit of a game for a little while, placing houses on several schools that he was considering including Northwestern and Missouri, but when he drew a chance card that said “Advance to the College of Your Choosing” the gig was up, and Taylor advanced to the Wisconsin spot on the board to announce his selection.

    There is clearly no limit to the creativity of recruits, so what’s going to be next?

    (H/T Randy Withers)

  • David Cutcliffe on how technology has changed college football


    Duke head coach David Cutcliffe has been coaching for nearly forty years. He is renowned for his “play book” which is basically a calendar for the next 365 days showing what every coach, player and administrator needs to do, by day, by practice, by hour, by period and so on for their program to succeed.

    The man obsesses over details because he knows how important they are to building a successful program. Cutcliffe loves efficiency. If there is a better way to do something, he wants to learn how, understand why they weren’t doing this in the first place, and then implement the improvements as effectively as possible. In short, Cut does it right and is always looking to do it better.

    Cutcliffe understands that without great people, few organizations can thrive. Accordingly, Cutcliffe has always set out to hire the best possible people for his programs. “Once you hire great people, I think the biggest thing is keeping those people on task and pointed in the right direction.”

    The video above, produced by Teamworks, shows Cut discussing how he feels Teamworks helps Duke football be such an efficiently run and well-organized program. Cutcliffe closes with, “Surround yourself with great people and have great organization and that’s how you win.”

    Have a listen as Cutcliffe describes the importance that he places on “seconds, not just minutes.” The lesson here, for all coaches, is to use technology to create efficiencies and improve your program.

    That is how you build – and maintain – a winning program.