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  • Photos: Texas Tech’s Lone Star uniforms

    Texas Tech wore its first edition of Lone Star uniforms for the Longhorns’ visit in 2012, a sharp departure from their usual look.

    TT Lone Star 2012

    With Texas headed back to Lubbock Saturday night, Texas Tech will apparently again don Lone Star uniforms. Nothing from any official Texas Tech accounts, but we’ve been told they’re legit.

    TT Lone Star1

    TT LoneStar2

    TT LoneStar3

    TTU LoneStar4

  • Video: Minnesota is looking to upgrade their facilities for “more than just recruiting”

    Prior to Jerry Kill’s arrival, the facilities at Minnesota hadn’t changed much in the last 30 years, but since he’s arrived on campus a number of changes have taken place to make the facility more modern and appealing to the athletes of today.

    More upgrades are in the works, and athletic director Norwood Teague talks about the plans for a new athletic village in the latest episode of “Brick by Brick” outlining the upgrades that the university is aiming to make.

    “All the facilities that our football team uses now, whether it be the indoor facility, to where they have their training room, or where they have their sports medicine or their day to day locker room, or where they have their meeting rooms were all built 30 years ago and they are small, and they are outdated on a number of different fronts. So we need a new building for football.” Teague explains in the clip.

    “Most of our competition has built one, and has probably remodeled theirs by now since we built one 30 years ago.”

    “So we’ve got to get up to date, for a number of different reasons…not just for recruiting, but also just because of space issues, and keeping it modern and more efficient.”

    The renderings featured in the video are really, really nice.

    Hopefully they’re able to get this done because it could turn out to be huge for Jerry Kill and the Gopher program. Just look at the turnaround they’ve had just tweaking the facilities…

  • The best Halloween costumes of 2014: Coaches edition


    Last year we put together an article tracking all of the best coaching costumes that were donned on Halloween, and it was so popular and entertaining that I decided to do the same this year.

    Take a look at the best ones from last year, including baby Andy Reid, toddler Holgo, and baby Mike Ditka.

    Remember, imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

    Many coaching costumes will hit the streets and various festivities over the weekend, so think of this as the one place you can go to see all of the best ones. Noteworthy costumes donned by head coaches and coordinators may also make the cut, just as they did last year.

    I encourage you to tweet us (@FootballScoop) with any coaching costume that you come across over the next night or two, and check back in as this article will continue to update throughout the weekend.

    But before we get into this year’s costumes, enjoy this clip that ESPNU put together of toddlers dressed up and reenacting the greatest college football coaching rants of all time, including Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man! I’m 40″ bit. Of course Les Miles and John L. Smith are included as well.

    Can any college football coaches out there top Tennessee baseball coach Dave Serrano? His costume game is pretty strong.

    The staff at Kansas Wesleyan dressed as Hulk, Tony Stark, Heisenberg, Jesse Pinkman, one of their captains in uniform, and then (of course) Ditka.


    We received this picture via text with the caption: “My mother in law as Gundy”


    FAU had Ron Burgundy (assistant director of academic advising) as a special guest on their road trip today.

    This one of @FauxPelini is my favorite one yet…

  • Video of the Day – The Hunt: Northwestern’s scout team

    Friday October 31, 2014

    Video of the Day

    The Hunt: Northwestern’s scout team

  • In praise of Todd Grantham, the game’s overlooked coordinator

    Todd Grantham

    Six coordinators in college football earn $900,000 or more a year. Five are universally regarded as among the best in their profession. And then there’s Todd Grantham.

    Grantham surprised a lot of people in the college football world by leaving Georgia for Bobby Petrino’s new staff at Louisville, and earning a raise from $850,000 to $975,000 annually in the process. When Georgia hired Jeremy Pruitt away from Florida State, it was widely considered that the Bulldogs turned a coaching defection into an improvement.

    The universal thought is Georgia won the coaching carousel, because the Bulldogs virtually stole Pruitt – a major upgrade over his predecessor – away from FSU. - Jan. 16

    Then there was the story in August that Petrino was thinking of firing Grantham, and would have if not for his contract. (Grantham spoke with FootballScoop to refute this report.)

    It wasn’t a good offseason for Grantham Inc.’s public relations department.

    And then the season started, and not only has Louisville absorbed the loss of two first-round picks and adjusted to a new scheme, the Cardinals have maintained or improved their considerable numbers from last season’s 12-1 season.

    Scoring Defense12.2 (2nd)14.6 (4th)
    Total Defense251.5 (1st)245.8 (1st)
    Yards Per Play4.2 (3rd)3.91 (2nd)
    Rushing Defense80.69 (1st)68.75 (1st)
    Yards Per Carry2.58 (1st)2.31 (1st)
    Pass Efficiency D99.17 (4th)96.24 (2nd)
    Yards Per Attempt6.0 (t-11th)5.3 (t-3rd)
    First Downs/Game14.1 (1st)13 (1st)
    Sacks/Game3.31 (1st)3.5 (7th)
    3rd Down Defense26.74% (1st)23.97% (2nd)
    Plays of 10+ Yards9.92/game9.75/game
    Red Zone Defense68.42% (5th)70% (9th)

    Good as those numbers look, we can’t praise Grantham without also mentioning the roster Charlie Strong and Vance Bedford left behind. Those two left the cupboard stocked with groceries.

    But heading into a huge Thursday night game with No. 2 Florida State, it’s Grantham’s defense and not Petrino’s offense that has given Louisville its status as this week’s trendy upset pick.

                The Top Ten Thursday Night Games in College Football History

    I’m not saying Louisville’s impressive numbers are going to remain that way throughout the season, I’m not saying Louisville is going to win tonight, and I’m not trying to argue Pruitt wasn’t an upgrade over Grantham in Athens.

    But after an offseason where he had his proverbial bags packed for him out of Athens and was supposedly nearly sent packing out of Louisville, Grantham’s defense has proven Louisville’s best attribute, and Grantham has proven worthy of his highly-paid colleagues.