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  • Videos: West Virginia brawls WWE Wrestle Mania style in the locker room

    A handful of West Virginia players decided to band together for some fun in the locker room yesterday, and what better way to have some good old fashioned fun than to reenact some WWE Wrestle Mania?

    Make of it what you want, these guys are just creatively finding a way to unwind after practice, and entertaining the masses in the process.

    In The Rematch video below, Holgorsen appears out of nowhere and top turnbuckles one of the players, stands and rips his shirt off to reveal a sweet ass red bull tat across his chest and the players go nuts props start to get involved in the quest to reclaim The Belt, and nothing within reach is off limits. Everything from aluminum garbage cans to the laundry bins get involved.

    A small suggestion for the next WVU edition of Wrestlemania though for the sake of everyone; get Mountaineer video extraordinaire DougityDog there to capture the footage so he can put his own spin on it (like this). It’s a much better approach than the amateur footage look.

    (H/T RedditCFB)

  • Matthew McConaughey drops by Texas’ practice and leaves players with some advice


    If you’re even the slightest fan of Matthew McConaughey, or if you enjoyed The Wolf of Wall Street, you’re really going to enjoy McConaughey’s visit to a recent Longhorn practice.

    McConaughey’s message to the players started with a simple question; “Why do you play football?”

    “It’s amazing how the mind can go up and down, man. So I guess what I’m saying is ask yourself, ‘Why are you playing the game?’ and in there you’re going to find the answer of why you play it, and whether you win, or whether you lose.”

    “Some of you may play because you love football, some of you may play for your grandmother, some of you may play for older brother or your dad. Some of you may play for the coaches, some of you may play for the University. At the end of the day, every single one of you should only be playing for one person, and then it gets a whole lot more fun.”

    “If everyone can look at themselves in the mirror at the end of the night, or lay their head on their pillow, and are able to say ‘I did everything I could today,’ it’s a whole lot easier to play for the guy next to you.”

    Excellent message.

    Then, before wrapping everything up McConaughey takes some questions and gives the back story on how the chest pound and humming scene worked its way into becoming one of the most iconic scenes in The Wolf of Wall Street.

    I remember seeing some media members tweeting about his visit to the practice a week or so back, but there’s nothing like seeing the visit itself.

  • Video of the Day – Ricky Stenhouse Jr. visits Ole Miss

    Thursday October 2, 2014

    Video of the Day: Ricky Stenhouse Jr. visits Ole Miss

  • Week 6 upset picks – The FootballScoop staff weighs in

    Kentucky Sports Radio

    Kentucky Sports Radio

    It’s a big week, especially in the SEC and Pac-12, where three games pit undefeated teams against each other. Each of the FootballScoop staff’s upset picks involve the SEC or Pac-12… but none of those matchups of undefeateds. Last week Doug nailed Mizzou over South Carolina, while Scott and Zach offered picks they’d prefer to forget.

    This season: Scott (2-3), Doug (2-3), Zach (1-4)

    Zach: kentucky.120 over south-carolina.120

    Steve Spurrier says his team isn’t any good, and I’ll take his word for it. Kentucky is an improved bunch, and South Carolina will overlook them because they’re, well, Kentucky. And, hey, I’m 1-4 in these picks so why not?

    Doug: arizona-state.120over usc.120


    Call me brash, but I just haven’t bought into the hype behind USC. After Oregon, I really feel like there is minimal difference in teams from the middle to top of the Pac-12 conference, which should make for an interesting conference title race over the next several weeks. With that in mind, I don’t see Arizona State having any major issues knocking off a ranked Trojans squad.

    Scott: florida.120 over tennessee.120

    I’ve been impressed with Kurt Roper for as long as I can remember. Scheme-wise, he is excellent and I think Florida fans will begin to see that soon enough. Where Roper needs to get right, in order for the Gators to get right, is he has to teach Jeff Driskel to make better decisions. If Roper can help Driskel cut down on the mistakes, I believe the Gators get their tenth straight victory over the Vols. Should be a fun one to watch.


  • Photo: Air Force has some slick new helmets for Saturday

    Air Force will host Navy Saturday in the first round of the Commander-in-Chief’s Trophy round-robin, and the Falcons will do so in some sweet new helmets.

    The Falcons have tinkered with their lids before, sometimes successfully, sometimes not. If you ask me, this is one of those times when the alternate helmet should become the new permanent helmet.

    What do you think?

    Air Force helmet


    Air Force 2

    (via @EyeonCFB)