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  • Video: #WithDad is something all football dads should see


    When it comes to famous family names in the NFL, the Matthews’ family is about as famous (and successful) as it gets.

    Three generations of the Matthews family have played in the NFL, starting with Clay Matthews Sr., then Clay Matthews Jr., and now Clay Matthews III and Casey Matthews are both in the league. That’s not even mentioning Hall of Fame offensive lineman and 14 time Pro Bowler Bruce Matthews, the brother of Clay Jr.

    This morning I came across this Nissan spot titled #WithDad that was worth sharing with all of the coaching dads out there.

    In it, Matthews Jr. talks about how he raised two future NFL players, and his approach to parenting in general. Overall, this is just some really solid parenting material worth spreading.

  • Video of the Day – Clemson 2014 season highlights

    Wednesday January 28, 2015

    Video of the Day

    Clemson 2014 season highlights

  • Got players who are “bored”? Colorado head coach Mike MacIntyre has a three word solution


    While coaches hit the road hard during the winter months, players get “stuck” in the routine triangle of workouts, classes, and studying.

    Earlier this week, Colorado Freshman receiver Shay Fields tweeted that he needed something to do, and coach MacIntyre was ready with the perfect response.

    His response?

    For most of us that have our feet wet in this coaching profession, it’s not necessarily surprising that a Freshman would find himself bored in the winter without evening practices and games nearly every weekend like he grew accustomed to in the fall.

    It may seem harsh at first glance, but for MacIntyre (who transformed the San Jose State program from 1-11 in year one to a 10-2 team in year three), a 6-18 start in his first two seasons in Boulder isn’t going to cut it, and while responding to that comment on Twitter may seem small to some, MacIntyre has a detailed plan to change the culture in Boulder, and I wouldn’t be surprised if moves like this one are all part of moving forward.

    Coupled with James Franklin’s “Bs don’t cut it at Penn State” Twitter response one of his players yesterday, this is the second example already this week of head coaches monitoring what their players are tweeting.

  • What does your program do for rivalry week?

    A follower sent us the the photo you see below from an Ohio State practice this fall.

    We did some digging and found it is an Ohio State tradition that pre-dates the Urban Meyer era, and the Buckeyes do it only for Michigan week.

    Does your program do anything special for rivalry week? If so, let us know @FootballScoop.

  • Bill Belichick was once so impressed by Pat Hill’s coaching he hired him on the spot

    Bellichick Cleveland

    ESPN Clevleand

    The Super Bowl is upon us, and John Canzano of the Oregonian wonderfully cut through the Deflategate clutter with a nice story of his unlikely and brief relationship with Bill Belichick. If you haven’t read it yet, I encourage you to do so. It’s not what you’re expecting.

    In getting to know the man behind the hoodie, Canzano spoke with Pat Hill, who you probably know as Fresno State’s head coach for a decade and a half. Before that time, though, Hill coached the offensive line and tight ends for the Cleveland Browns under Belichick. How he got that job is a teaching moment in an of itself.

    From the article…

    Screen Shot 2015-01-27 at 11.33.55 AM

    Belichick liked Fina’s fundamentals so much he hired his coach on the spot.

    After Cleveland, Hill spent a year with the Baltimore Ravens before getting the Fresno State job, where he went 112-80 with 11 bowl trips. Does Hill get the Fresno State job without that encounter? Who knows. But we know for a fact he wouldn’t have broken into the NFL without the teaching job he did at Arizona.

    Coaches love to remind players to always be on their best because they never know who’s watching, that every moment, every encounter is a job interview, to always be ready because they’ll never know when their time will come. In fact, we wrote about this at the AFCA graduate assistant forum earlier this month.

    But this anecdote goes to show that piece of wisdom is equally true for coaches. Always be at your best, because you never know when a future three-time (and counting) Super Bowl champion head coach is waiting with a job offer.