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  • FootballScoop radio: Updates on Michigan, Pitt, Georgia, Florida and more

    Quick four minute segment from last night.

    Topics: Michigan’s search, an update at Pitt, Georgia’s new strength hire (with a great back story about him), Florida’s “search” for OC…and how that impacts Alabama and what Dana Holgorsen plans to do to fill the open slot at WVU.

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  • Video: Butch Jones hands one player the best gift of bowl season

    Before breaking out into position meetings, Butch Jones planned on handing out a few gifts to players who had their best practices during bowl prep.

    Alex Ellis, a walk on tight end from Delaware, was called down to receive his gift and unwrapped it in front of the entire team. It’s a very touching moment.

    With all due respect, this has to be the best gift of bowl season anywhere, and is definitely the only gift that a player can call home with news of that is enough to bring any mom to tears.

  • FootballScoop radio: Update on Colorado State’s search

    Late last week, the word in the profession was the Colorado State would like to have their new head coach today.

    Friday night & Saturday word began to get out that the university had informed a number of candidates who had interviewed that they would not be getting the job. You typically only do that when you have a strong indication that your number one guy will accept.

    There had been a lot of thinking in the profession that this would be the one that Scott Frost would go accept; but in our checking it sounds like Frost has turned down the opportunity. We discussed this as well as the candidacy of Mike Bobo and Vance Bedford on last night’s FootballScoop radio show. Have a quick listen.

    With regards to Mike Bobo, who a number of coaches are beginning to feel will be the guy here, I offer that this is like hiring Mac 2.0; but without the local connections (successful SEC offensive coordinator who runs enough of a pro style, yet still adaptable offense).

    As this one plays out we’ll keep you posted on The Scoop.

  • FootballScoop Radio: John Wristen explains his blueprint for a national title


    Prior to July of 2007, the football program at Colorado State-Pueblo was merely an idea. Fast forward seven years to this past weekend and John Wristen – the man tabbed with building the program from scratch – and his staff captured the school’s first national title.

    Wristen’s squad went 4-6 in their first season, and in the two years that followed, went 7-4 and 9-2. Starting in 2011, Wristen and his staff have led the team to 11 wins or more, and at least one playoff win each season, culminating in the national title this year. As a first time head coach, building a program from the ground up, Wristen has an impressive career record of 68-16 overall.

    Coming off last season’s disappointing loss to Grand Valley State (D-II – MI) in the second round of the D-II playoffs, Wristen had the idea to hand out some motivational t-shirts on the first day of camp this year.

    “Our kids were really ready and prepared for the moment, because it’s something that we really discussed the first day that we came to camp. I handed out t-shirts that said ‘WTLG’ and I tried to explain that was the process. You have to understand the process.”

    “That mean ‘Win The Last Game’, and if you understand the process of taking care of business, and not looking up at the scoreboard and only playing against one team, you could win the last game. Sure enough, we were able to do it, Scott.”

    When we asked about how his defense was able to stifle the prolific offense Minnesota-Mankato (and shut them out 13-0) in that title game, Wristen gave credit to each member of his defense staff and added, “We were just on point, it’s just one of those things where we executed so well.”

    “You know, I ask my guys to be Clark Kent, not Superman. If you’re supposed to be in that gap, be in that gap and play it as hard as you can, and they did that.”

    Coach Wristen also sheds some light on his perspective as a head coach when other programs come calling for his assistants and his thoughts on how he goes about filling those positions.

    “You know, for me, my job is to help my guys get job,.” he noted. “I just want good quality people. I think that knowing football…everyone knows football…to me, I want to be surrounded by great, quality people that have great character, great integrity within the staff and are loyal, not just to me, but to each other.”

    Hear more of our interview with coach Wristen below.

  • The Twitter 6 pack of things I didn’t expect to see during the first round of bowl games


    Another weekend with just enough football to keep us hungry for more means another craft brewed #Twitter6Pack for your enjoyment.

    This weekend actually had more entertaining nuggets than I expected. Thank you football God(s).

    1) It was great to see Lance Leipold’s outstanding tenure at Wisconsin-Whitewater end on a high note, but this was the highlight of that game for me.

    …Yes, that’s the kicker laying the wood

    2) Well that’s an interesting fourth down call

    3) South Alabama head coach Joey Jones took a nasty foot to the face in the Camellia Bowl

    4) There were a number of “Uh…what?” moments by the media over the weekend

    5) If you plan on placing any bets on Florida State, here’s the only piece of information you may need to know

    6) This from yesterday’s Rams vs. Giants game is sick

    Bonus: The best news of the entire weekend