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  • Pat Fitzgerald suggests two Twitter hashtags for critics everywhere to criticize him


    Being a head coach at any level, especially among FBS coaches, draws more than its fair share of criticism But as a head coach, you’d rather have that criticism directed at your, rather than at your players.

    While at Big Ten Media Day last week, Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald mentioned that exact sentiment, stating that he would much rather have media criticism directed at him, rather than his players. Fitz then took things a step further by suggesting two Twitter hashtags that fans and media members could use to vent their frustrations; #DoThisFitz and #WTFitz.

    Think of it as the modern-day version of Mike Gundy’s “I’m a man…I’m 40″ tirade.

    The criticisms didn’t take long to start to roll in as armchair coaches everywhere took the opportunity to come at him. The hashtags will be infinitely more colorful in the fall.

    This morning Fitz is due to appear on SportsCenter so Scott took the opportunity to remind anchor Jaymee Sire of Fitz’s rather interesting idea.

  • Video: Ohio State pulls the trash can prank

    A week after pulling the dummy prank, Ohio State is back with another.

    This time, the Buckeyes stuffed a guy in the trash can and let him loose on his teammates in the locker room.

    One final thought: thank God for that black censor bar.

  • The Cowboys had a fight at practice Sunday… and then promoted it with exclusive video

    Dez Tyler Patmon

    Dez Bryant and Tyler Patmon got into a fight at Dallas Cowboys training camp on Sunday. You’ve probably heard something about it by now.

    And, in addition to the national and local media, the Cowboys themselves covered the fight between their own players. With exclusive video!

    NFL teams started covering themselves a long time ago, but this is the first time (that I can remember, at least) that a team has covered an intrasquad fight like it was a normal practice function. In the Cowboys’ defense, it’s impossible to pull the nothing-to-see-here card when thousands of fans and hundreds of media watch the fight happen in real time. 

    “This was our second day of having this crowd out here,” Jerry Jones told ESPN afterward. “And the kind of atmosphere that everybody’s worked to put together, and that atmosphere breeds that kind of passion, that kind of excitement, and sure enough here comes some little after-the-whistle action. … That’s good stuff. That’s training camp.” Head coach Jason Garrett had complained Saturday’s practice was not physical enough.

    It’s only a matter of time before fights break out at 31 training camps across the league. And any publicity is good publicity, especially as long as Jerry’s running things.

    But, still, the Cowboys invited comments like this into their timeline:

    I’m not saying it’s wrong. I’m just saying it’s… weird.

  • Here is a by-the-numbers look at football that you’ll want to share with your players


    The America Athletic Conference tweeted out an interesting by-the-numbers look at our great game this morning, courtesy of the National Football Foundation. We felt was worth sharing with you, so that you can in-turn share it with your players.

    Among the more interesting numbers are:

    • 15,585 high schools in the US play football as of 2013-2014.
    • 1.1 million high school football players nationally.
    • 6.2% of high school football players will go on to play at the college level.
    • 772 colleges and universities play college football (from FBS to NAIA and JuCo)
    • About 70,000 college football players at all levels
    • 38 college programs have added a football program since 2010
    • Just .5% of college football players made opening week NFL rosters in 2014, meaning that 99.5% of college football players go on to other careers.
    • 75% of FBS student-athletes graduate (an all-time NCAA high), compared to a 59% graduation rate for the general student body.
    • Average NFL playing career lasts 3.3 years.

    Take a look at the full fact sheet below.

  • Monday’s One Minute Warm Up


    – SB Nation takes an interesting look at scholarship offer letters from around the country. Some are rather old school, while others are a bit more imaginative. Here’s a look at one from LSU.

    – The Big Ten got a whole lot more interesting with the addition of Jim Harbaugh, and we should all thank him for it.

    – With camp for most programs right around the corner, this is only appropriate.

    – Someone needs to get Dabo Swinney a selfie stick for his next tour at ESPN…

    – If you’re the Dallas Cowboys, why would you post this video of a fight at practice along with a reaction from each player?

    What you may have missed: 

    – Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights made a brief comeback.

    – Barry Alvarez believes that coaches should play a role in the admissions process. Is he right, or way off base?

    – The Boise State staff teamed up with the fire department for an intense “confidence course”.

    – Rich Rod had some quality soundbytes at the podium for Pac-12 Media Day.

    Coming up today:

    Northwestern head coach Pat Fitzgerald is going on SportsCenter this morning and he’s asking fans to tweet #WTFitz at him with comments / criticisms.