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  • Watch the B1G mascots dancing parody of “Shake it Off”

    The “Harlem Shake” brought the parody YouTube movement to the forefront of basically every college, and high school, campus a few years ago now (thank goodness that’s over now), and it’s no secret that Big Ten Mascots have never been ones to shy away from some fun and shameless self-promotion.

    With that said, here’s their latest attempt at creating an internet sensation.

    Using Taylor Swift’s super-catchy “Shake it Off” ballad, Big Ten mascots can be seen in this clip dancing all around their respective campus’, genuinely enjoying themselves.

    I may be biased, but I have to say Sparty kind of steals the show here (plus he’s constantly surrounded by good looking college girls). Bucky Badger and Herky the Hawkeye do nice jobs as well.

    Mascots from Purdue, Nebraska, Rutgers, and Minnesota also make cameos.

  • The Twitter 12 pack of things I didn’t expect to see in Week 8


    Peyton Manning may have stolen the spotlight last night, but there was plenty of good stuff over the last few days that surprised me during Week 8 of action.

    NFL, FBS, Division III, and even one rather personal and embarrassing note from the weekend’s action are included below.

    1) The only things that surprises me about this clip, is that it didn’t happen sooner.

    2) On the biggest day of Peyton Manning’s career, I did not expect to see any mention of Ryan Leaf…but I was wrong. Plus there was a ton of great content from Peyton’s record worth sharing.

    3) None of the coaches on this bowl bonus list surprise me, but Petrino’s number at $250,000 is somewhat surprising.

    4) The most embarrassing thing to happen to me this weekend? My upset pick of the week (Texas A&M) laying an egg…didn’t see that one coming. Thanks a lot A&M.

    5) Texas offensive coordinator Shawn Watson was the most excited person in the stadium heading on Texas’ final (and impressive) drive against Iowa State. Note, Texas wound up winning the game with a chip shot field goal at the end of regulation time after two long passes from Watson’s offense. 

    6) The Big 10 during week 8 was a land where running backs roamed freely.

    7) Florida State has become really good at leading when it matters the most: when the clock stops. 

    8) This stat has made the rounds on Twitter, but wow.

    9) Teargas in Morgantown? They were obviously pretty excited about the win over Baylor.

    10) Some people felt the need to flex their football IQ after the controversial ending to the Notre Dame vs. Florida State game. Some made sense, while others did not.

    11) Go ahead and stand up if you had Colorado State starting off 6-1.

    12) This is a hell of a 3 game conference stretch for the Lakeland College (D-III – WI) Muskies.

  • Les Miles: “We have to play that position (QB) next year too?”

    Following their 41-3 win over Kentucky over the weekend, a reporter asked Les Miles if he and Cam Cameron put any thought into next year and the quarterback position.

    His answer, and the facial expressions that went with them, were absolutely perfect.

    Now presenting the latest edition of “Ask Les a stupid question, get a Les-type answer.”

    Please, never change Les.

  • Video: HS runs a jet sweep-reverse-flea flicker-screen pass to win the game

    This may be the most creative trick play I’ve ever seen, seemingly ripped right from the imaginative pages of coach Klein’s playbook from The Waterboy. (Video is not mobile-friendly).

    With 5 seconds left in the game, Brunswick HS (CT) pulls out all the stops and calls a jet sweep-reverse-flea flicker-screen pass to score the game winning touchdown against Salisbury (CT).

    After the game, one of the coaches points out, “We’ve been practicing that the last three weeks, and it NEVER WORKED…but it worked tonight!”

    When you need one play for the win, better go big, or go home.

    This is nuts.

    (H/T ESPN)

  • Video: President George W. Bush visits Cincinnati before kickoff against SMU

    Cincinnati welcomed former president George W. Bush in the locker room over the weekend before their tilt with SMU.

    Bush, who noted that he’s known coach Tommy Tuberville for quite some time, kept his visit brief, and imparted some quick advice.

    “My only advice is to take advantage of your studies. I know it sounds stupid, but trust me, you can’t redo it.”

    “You’re all really lucky to go to a school like Cincinnati, so I hope that you not only excel on the field, but also excel in the classroom too.”

    President Bush then shakes the hand of nearly every guy in the locker room before heading out to watch the game, which the Bearcats went on to win 41-3. I can’t think of any other occasion where a former President shows up in the locker room before a game, so what a treat for those guys.

    I’m sure that there’s a funny political joke to be made in here somewhere, but I haven’t come up with anything yet.

    At about the 2:17 mark, one player comes to shake the former President’s hand and looks a bit different than everyone else. Then I realized that he’s wearing a red uniform…and everyone else dressed for the game is wearing white. Very odd. Any explanation?