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  • How much money are MAC football programs making?

    NIU Today

    NIU Today

    Mid-American Conference schools don’t make a lot of money. Thanks to an extensive study by Jon Styf of, we now know exactly how much they make (or, perhaps more accurately, don’t make).

    While revenue for all 12 MAC schools (football-only UMass not included) sat between $22 million and $32 million, profit – err, budget surplus – varied wildly.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.31.23 AM

    The conference collectively lost nearly $3.8 million in 2013-14, but take Toledo’s share out and the league essentially broke even.

    What if we singled out just the football programs?

    Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.37.01 AM

    The specter hanging over all this is that costs are only going up. Cost-of-attendance scholarships are coming, and MAC commissioner Dr. Jon Steinbrecher committed last fall to paying the new cost of business. That money, the league plans, will be offset thanks to new contracts with ESPN (#MACtion!) and the league’s kickback from the massive College Football Playoff contract.

    We’ll spare you the minutiae of NCAA distributions and student fees and institutional sport and skip right to what I found most interesting from the study: recruiting budgets.

    Screen Shot 2015-03-27 at 11.45.30 AM

    Again, these numbers are from 2013-14, which means Dave Clawson found a way to win the MAC while spending less than $85,000 in recruiting. Some SEC schools spend that on breakfast.

    If you’re interested enough in MAC finances to reach the end of this article, I strongly encourage you to check out the full report.

  • Photos: Ohio State has received their National Championship rings


    Ohio State receivers coach Zach Smith tweeted out a picture of the Ohio State National Title rings a few moments ago, and they’re impressive.

    Coach Smith said it best with his tweet.


    I know the style is to go big with the bling normally, but these are pretty tasteful considering they’re the first winners of the College Football Playoff and could have justified something rather outrageous.




  • UNC basketball coach Roy Williams shares a quote for coaches dealing with negativity


    Last night Roy Williams’ North Carolina basketball squad fell in the Sweet 16 to Wisconsin, a team that may be playing their best basketball of the year.

    Going into the game, North Carolina had collected 11 straight wins in the Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament, but Williams’ 4-seed just didn’t have enough firepower to beat the Badgers last night. At a program like UNC, where Final Four appearances and National Titles are expected, fans voiced their disappointment louder than ever following the loss.

    This morning, Williams joined a radio show and was asked how he deals with negativity when it comes to coaching at a prestigious basketball school like UNC. His response is something that all coaches should read.

    “If the mailman stopped to kick every dog that barked at him, he’d never deliver the mail.” Williams shared, in short.

    All head coaches deal with negativity in some form or another, so that quote from Williams is a nice one to remember.

  • NBC is reviving everyone’s favorite 90’s coaching comedy


    After nearly twenty years since the last episode aired, word has leaked that NBC is picking up 13 episodes of a spin off of the TV show Coach, which originally aired from 1987-1997 on ABC.

    The original version starred Craig T. Nelson as the head coach of the Minnesota State University Screaming Eagles (and later the NFL expansion team Orlando Breakers), with Jerry Van Dyke serving as his lovable loyal assistant Luther Van Dam (who is now 83 years old). Other characters you may remember include assistant coach Michael “Dauber” Dybinkski (played by Bill Fagerbakke), and Fox’s wife Christine Armstrong (Shelly Fabares).

    According to People Magazine, the new show will center around Craig T. Nelson coming out of retirement to help his grown son, who is coaching a newly formed college football team in Pennsylvania. Selfishly, I hope there’s a cameo or two from characters from the original show.

    Personally, I remember growing up watching this show every chance I had, and I’m sure that in some subconscious way, it fueled my passion to become a coach. With that said, it’s good to see it being brought back for younger generations to enjoy.

    For those that enjoy a trip down memory lane, I’ve included the opening theme of the original show, and a few short clip to enjoy below.

  • Video of the Day – Champions are made in the Spring

    Video of the Day

    Friday March 27, 2015

    Champions are made in the Spring