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  • Two of the best trick plays of the weekend


    One of my favorite parts about Monday and Tuesday following a weekend of football is seeing some of the wacky trick plays that coaches dialed up over the weekend.

    The highlights from Friday and Saturday of last week include a fake field goal from UW-Platteville (D-III) and Plains high school’s (MT) two-point conversion they call “Ninja”. Neither one are groundbreaking, but they are both executed to near-perfection.

    First up is UW-Platteville’s shovel pass fake field goal. Nice design here with the pull from the guard and lead with the wing after the shovel behind the line to the right wing for six points. Seems too easy.

    Then there is the “Ninja” two-point conversion that Plains HS dialed up. The quarterback takes the snap and turns his back to the defense, who get quite confused, and then he lobs it over his head for the all-too-easy completion.

    Head coach Juan Lulack told MaxPreps that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve for his team of 17.

    I’ve been a part of high school teams who roll out with 17 against much bigger teams, so it’s great to see the enthusiasm from the kids after pulling that one off.

    Just for fun, I thought I’d also include this one from Arkansas State over the weekend that set Twitter on fire last night…even though it didn’t work out so hot.

    If you’ve got a trick play to share with us, tweet it to @FootballScoop, or email it to

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  • These high school helmets are pretty sick

    Some helmet styles are unique in that only one team wears them, and others are so unique that…. every school has one team in its district or conference that borrows its helmet style from someone else.

    SMU’s galloping mustang has been copied by many among us, including the CFL’s Calgary Stampeders. The soaring wings of the Philadelphia Eagles is another design influencing the visual landscape of college and high school football.

    Recently, Oregon’s streaking wings design has become a new classic making its way through the college and high school ranks.

    There’s another new classic that I had not seen replicated….



    until now.

    This is the new helmet of Alexander High School in Albany, Ohio. I’m going to assume the Spartans have the best helmets in their district.



    (via @UniformNation)

  • SEC finds nothing wrong with Florida-Kentucky delay of game non-call


    The most controversial call – or non-call, depending on what shade of blue you wear – came in the first overtime of Florida’s 36-30 triple-overtime win over Kentucky on Saturday night.

    Many say that decision cost Kentucky the game, but that’s not necessarily true. A flag would have still allowed Florida a last-gasp chance to tie and thus extend the game into a second overtime, albeit in a 4th-and-12 from the 14, rather than a 4th-and-7 from the nine.

    The SEC has reviewed the tape, and found nothing wrong:

    “At the request of the University of Kentucky, consistent with SEC protocol, the conference office reviewed the fourth down play in the first overtime of the Kentucky-Florida game and has determined the officials applied the proper mechanics and guidelines that are in place to determine when a flag should be thrown for delay of game,” the league said in a statement. “The back judge is responsible for delay of game calls. The procedure for the back judge is for his eyes to stay on the clock when it nears zero. When the clock hits zero, he immediately looks from the clock to the ball. If the ball is moving, there is no delay of game. If the ball is stationary, a delay of game penalty is called.”

    When reading it that way, it makes sense. There is no horn or omnipresent red light to help the officials like in basketball, and there is also no way to watch the play clock and the ball with full attention at once. Giving the center those extra milliseconds to move the ball feels like the best possible protocol.

    If I’m Mark Stoops today, my biggest beef with the conference is that a delay of game penalty is somehow not reviewable. What could be more cut and dry? If any armchair zebra on Twitter can see a clear delay of game, a replay official can, too.

  • Florida HS coach fired after “clerical error”. Did the school overreact?



    A full house showed up at Williston (Florida) High School on Friday, ready to see the Red Devils’ home opener against Duval Charter (Florida). However, due to a clerical error, the officiating crew never arrived, and the game had to be cancelled. As the home team, Williston was stuck with a forfeit, dropping the Red Devils to 0-2 in head coach Cliff Lohrey’s first season.

    Rather than simply move on from what was understandably an embarrassing night, Williston principal Eulin Gibbs fired him. Without knowing the intimate details, this feels like a violent knee-jerk that almost certainly leaves the school in a worse place than it started.

    In addition to being the head football coach, Lohrey was also Williston’s athletics director. Head baseball coach Scott Hall will take over as interim athletics director, pulling him off his regular duties to plug the leak. The football team is now down its head coach with seven games remaining in the season.

    Hiring a head football coach and athletics director is one of the most critical decisions a school can make. Why dismiss him so quickly, thereby sending your entire athletics department into scramble mode at a critical juncture of the school year, for failing to have officials show up at a game? Is this is a rash decision, or did Gibbs make a justified decision?

    What do you think?