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  • UCLA DC Jeff Ulbrich shares the biggest lesson he learned in year one as a DC


    This year marked the first season that UCLA linebackers coach Jeff Ulbrich assumed the defensive play calling duties for the Bruins, and the season was somewhat of a roller coaster on the defensive side of the ball.

    The Orange County Register detailed Ulbrich’s defensive outlook going into the season, and described his view of it as very NFL-like. Like many NFL foundations, it was largely based in the hands of the players, mixed in with lessons he had learned from his time in the NFL under defensive guys like Dan Quinn and Jim Mora Jr.

    In theory, that sounds like a solid foundation, but after the last week of the regular season, Ulbrich looked back and described this year as “a learning process”. The Bruin defense had a few dominant performances, against teams like Arizona and Arizona State, but struggled at other times against teams like Utah and Stanford in games that they should have played a lot better in.

    In hindsight, Ulbrich explained that he should have been more flexible with various calls and blitzes because that’s the way that offensive coordinators force you to be in today’s landscape of college football.

    “The problem with college football is that it’s different because you’re seeing so much exotic stuff on offense that you almost have to balance that with being exotic in your own right at times to keep them off balance.” Ulbrich explained.

    “I gained a better understanding of that as the season went on.”

    Read more on Ulbrich’s lessons learned in his first year as defensive coordinator here.

  • Video of the Day – USC football visits the San Diego Zoo

    Friday December 26, 2014

    Video of the Day

    USC football visits the San Diego Zoo

  • Video: Here’s the craziest touchdown of the bowl season… or ever

    Here’s the situation. Central Michigan trailed Western Kentucky 49-14 through three quarters of the inaugural Bahamas Bowl, but the Chippewas fought back to pull within 49-42 with one second left. Central Michigan had the ball, except it was 80 yards away from the goal line.

    No problem. Quarterback Cooper Rush dialed up a touchdown pass that can only be described as the love child of David Tyree’s helmet catch, Doug Flutie’s Hail Mary and the Stanford-Cal play.

    Dan Enos elected to go for two and the win, but the Chips, well, we’ll let Twitter take it from there.

    As far as glorified exhibition games sponsored by a drive-thru chicken joint pitting two 7-5 teams played before a crowd of hundreds on a tropical island on Christmas Eve afternoon, this was without a doubt the greatest in college football history.

  • Video of the Day – Fresno State’s bowl hype video

    Wednesday December 24, 2014

    Video of the Day

    Fresno State’s bowl hype video

  • Update on Jim Harbaugh’s future


    Following Adam Schefter’s report last night that the “pendulum” has seemingly swung a bit back towards Michigan, I made some calls today.

    NFL sources tell me that the 49ers have told Michigan that if they reach a deal with Jim to become their next head coach, that the 49ers will release him from his contract and seek no compensation. Why? Well, per sources, if Jim isn’t going to be the Niners head coach next season, the 49ers front office would prefer to have him in the college ranks to avoid having to deal with…

    If Jim decides he wants to remain in the league, NFL sources tell us the most likely landing spot is the Raiders. Problem is, the 49ers organization is less than excited about the possibility that their head coach could be coaching across the bay next season. Per sources, if Jim were able to get the Raiders to the top, some within the 49ers organization would look very foolish for allowing this to happen while he was under contract.

    So, what are the Niners thinking? Per NFL sources, if Jim chooses to remain in the league, the Niners plan to ask for “a King’s ransom” and aren’t all that confident the Raiders would meet such demands. If this were to play out, this could make for a serious game of career poker. Who blinks first? If the Niners terminate his contract, he goes wherever he wants with no further compensation due to the Niners. That option seems unlikely; but sources tell us you can’t rule out any of these possibilities at this time.

    Multiple college sources tell us that if Harbaugh winds up choosing to go to Michigan, Florida defensive coordinator DJ Durkin is likely to join him; if not, perhaps Texas A&M is where Durkin will wind up; but that remains to be seen.

    We expect this all to play out next week. As always we’ll keep you posted on The Scoop.