• “We’ve started to mentally prepare for workouts like we prep for games”


    Back in December, Georgia head strength and conditioning Joe Tereshinski Jr. stepped down after being a part of the program since 1982, taking over the head job in 2011. To replace him, UGA hired Mark Hocke, the co-associate strength and conditioning coach at Alabama, known for his high energy approach.

    Since arriving to campus, Hocke has instituted some new interesting new changes that the players have embraced, according to The Telegraph. Among the changes are an absence of country music Fridays, a new mental approach to the weight room, and one player noted that the changes have made “lifting fun again.”

    “I think there’s been a lot more accountability and discipline instilled in us, a lot more being taught how to be a leader, being taught how to calculate an attitude, as coach Hocke calls it,” senior tackle John Theus explained.

    Theus then explained a little more about the calculated attitude approach that Hocke has brought with him.

    “Looking at a workout like you go into a game. When you go into a game you calculate that attitude and you go bust your behind in the game. You do the same thing in the workout.”

    Getting players to understand how to calculate their attitude everyday has led to the weight room environment and off season experience being more fun, and thus more productive, which is something that everyone can learn from.

  • Video of the Day – Central Oklahoma 2015 preview

    Friday March 6, 2015

    Video of the Day

    Central Oklahoma 2015 preview

  • Ohio State has released its national championship highlight video

    I’m not sure what took Ohio State nearly two months to release its official national championship highlight video, but it was worth the wait. The Buckeyes regularly crank out great video content, and this is no different.

    Basically, there’s nothing Urban Meyer’s program doesn’t do and do well.

    (via CFT)

  • Brent Brennan to Gary Andersen: “Are you trying to put together the best group you can or not?”

    Brent Brennan

    Brent Brennan was in a precarious position. His old boss, Mike Riley, had left for Nebraska and left the rest of his staff in limbo. The new boss, Gary Andersen, was getting his old band back together.

    Brennan had an interview with Andersen for his old job, but he was up against two other coaches. Andersen wanted to talk with the other candidates first before making a decision.

    “I said, ‘How do you know they’re better than me?'” Brennan told Gina Mizell of the Oregonian. “And (Andersen) smiled and was like, ‘I like that.’ I was like, ‘Well they’re not (better), so are you trying to put together the best group you can or not?’

    “He just kept laughing. I just went for it. I was like, ‘What do I have to lose?'”

    In reality, Brennan had proven his worth before to Andersen before he was even hired, recruiting for Oregon State, making the new staff aware of recruiting inroads the previous staff had established, and breaking down film of the returning players.

    “I didn’t know what choice I had,” Brennan said. “What, I’d go home and just sit on my (butt) and not do anything? I just felt silly doing that.”

    So he got to work preparing for 2015 whether his new boss was aware of his plans or not.

  • The FootballScoop Spring Tour


    Next week we’re rolling out on the annual Spring Tour. Yes, that means @OT_Software and myself popping up at 10 or so of your favorite programs.

    You might recall a few years back we traversed the Pac-12…and then we did Notre Dame & a good slug of the Big Ten programs. There are stories…for days. Always a great time visiting programs with Mike from OT.

    This year, we’re leaving Monday, heading up to Oklahoma first and then making way across the great state of Texas. Some of our stops will include Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Tulsa, Texas, Baylor, SMU, TCU, Texas A&M & Houston; but there will be others. Follow along the next two weeks on Twitter & on the site as we visit with coaches & support staff here there and everywhere and help tell their stories. Should be a great ride.

    Michigan native @Coach_Samz did the Big Ten tour last time. This year, he’s snowed in and will remain up in Michigan with the keys to the site.

    FootballScoop’s resident Texan, @Zach_Barnett will hitch a ride this year, serving as backseat driver / navigator / trip scribe.

    We’ll have pictures, stories and some video from each program with visit.

    If anyone has any food, drink or other required stops along our path, please don’t hesitate to let us know. We’re going to have some fun. Hope you guys enjoy following along.