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  • Brian Kelly after losing to Clemson: “Great effort is not good enough.”

    What do you tell your team moments after losing its first game of the year on what was essentially the final play of the game? For Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly the message was clear: Playing hard is not good enough.

    “Playing hard is not good enough any more for me,” Kelly told his coaches shortly after Saturday night’s loss to Clemson. “I’m not going to give them the consolation of, ‘Hey, great effort.’ Great effort is not good enough.”

    “You should be pissed that you let this opportunity slip away. And if you’re not pissed about it, then you’re in the wrong locker room,” Kelly told his players. “The wrong damn locker room.”

    The clip is but a 42-second snippet of Showtime’s “A Season With Notre Dame Football,” but it’s long enough to provide a great window into Kelly’s coaching philosophy. Check it out.

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  • FootballScoop Pick ‘Em: Week 6

    The FootballScoop picks for Week 6 are live. Week 5 saw the staff’s standings pull a little bit closer, but Doug and Scott are still in a clear battle for first.

    The staff agrees on most of this week’s games. Which means one thing and one thing only: expect chaos to rule the weekend.

    Check ’em out.

    Last week:9-68-710-5
    This season:51-24 (.680)52-23 (.693)48-27 (.640)


  • “Look Nick, if me and you gonna be hanging out, you can’t be wearing those tight ass shorts”


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    My words simply can not do justice for Steven Godrey’s article about Uncle Luke’s perspective on football in and around the Miami area. The lengthy article is a joy to read.

    Uncle Luke drops local knowledge about recruiting the Miami area unlike many others can. In short, its a fun read.

    The part that straight killed me though, is a short blurb towards the end where Uncle Luke describes bringing some high school ballers to a summer camp and meeting Nick Saban for the first time. From the article:

    “It was strange that Nick Saban knows who I am. That was strange. He walks up and he’s like ‘Heeeey man! What’s up! Come up to the office!’ So we get up there, and he’s like, ‘I listen to your music!’ I’m sitting there looking at him like….what? So you know I’m a shit talker, so I start in. I told him, ‘Look Nick, if me and you gonna be hanging out, you can’t be wearing those tight ass shorts you got on. If we ever gonna break off and go out, you can’t go like that!’

    Let me tell you, Nick is crazy, right. But I’m probably one of the few people down here that likes Nick,” after Saban’s brief time with the Dolphins. “They call him Nick Satan down here, and talking to him, he knows it. He’s like, ‘Man, they hate me down here.’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah, they do.’ At the same time, he’s a cool dude, he is. He loves kids from Miami and wants them. When they played in the national championship down here, they let me come by the practice, so I went by and watched, learned some stuff.”

    My friends, that is advanced recruiting right there by Nick Saban. He has Uncle Luke professing that he is cool. Not sure I can find the words to explain how impressive that is.

    Go read Godfrey’s work. Laugh. Learn. Enjoy.

  • NFL extends International Series through 2025

    NFL London

    Coming to a stadium near you: more empty Sundays. The NFL announced Wednesday it has extended its International Series through 2025, with the addendum that now games will move beyond the United Kingdom.

    The NFL has long stated its goal to push revenue to $25 billion by 2027. Reports pegged revenue at $12 billion for 2015. So that’s $13 billion that needs to be created in the next dozen years. Coupled with moving a team (or teams) to Los Angeles, expanding the shield’s footprint beyond our shores is the fastest way to get there.

    “This marks an important step in our long-term international growth,” commissioner Roger Goodell said in a statement. “Fans in the UK have responded incredibly well to the regular-season games we have played in London since 2007. They have demanded more NFL games, and we have worked to accommodate them. We think it’s time to expand our International Series to other countries and respond to the growing interest in our game not only in the UK, but elsewhere around the world.”

    The NFL has signed an agreement with English Premier League club Tottenham Hotspur to host two games per year at its new London stadium to be completed in 2018.

    Sites for future International Series games are expected to be announced later this fall.

  • Video: Mike Leach keeps a battle axe in his bedroom, and has a logical reason why


    The recent shooting on the college campus at Umpqua Community College (OR) last week ripped open a scab that never seems to get a chance to truly heal, and that scab is the ongoing conversation on how to curb gun violence in America.

    Because Mike Leach is known to speak exactly what is on his mind, a reporter decided to ask him his thoughts on guns, and you get exactly what you’d expect when it comes to Leach. The Seattle Times detailed his response:

    I think there’s an incredible number of people who don’t know how guns work to begin with. We need a way to enforce the gun laws that exist now.

    Whether it’s a car or boat or motorcycle, it’s a dangerous item, so you have to show a level of competence and get a license before you’re allowed to operate something that’s dangerous. Guns are dangerous but you don’t have to get a license to operate guns. I think in order to operate a gun, you should have a license that means ‘I know the difference between a pistol and a revolver, a shotgun and rifle, I can load and unload one and shoot it with some level of competency at what I’m aiming at.’ And until you can do that, you’re not allowed to operate a gun.

    I’ve had players and stuff, they see some video on TV and they go to Walmart and buy a gun. Well they don’t know how to load it, they shoot it sideways. That’s absurd. That’s insane. So because of this failure to teach and educate, there’s accidental shootings.”

    Naturally (somehow) that led to Leach explaining that he keeps a Viking axe by his bed, which beyond just being a weapon to protect your home, or a fancy tool to cut wood, can also serve as a grappling device.

    I keep my guns on one part of the house totally locked up, and I keep the ammunition in another part of the house. Because if you think about it carefully, statistically, you’re more likely to shoot yourself, a loved one or a relative. There’s this (absurd) notion of ‘if you come in my house I’ll shoot ya.’ I do have a Viking axe by the bed if I need to whack someone. … My wife bought me a Viking axe – the axe side curls down so you can grab the adversary around the neck and you can use it to climb walls, as a grappling hook.’

    Of course, yesterday after practice, Leach was asked to elaborate more on that Viking axe, to which he explains in the clip below that he “likes to piddle with it in front of the TV, particularly when the TV show Vikings comes back on.”

    You really can’t make this kind of stuff up folks…