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  • Video: Ball State seems to have found the key to having fun in the weight room


    Last year, Ball State strength and conditioning coordinator Dave Feeley and his staff stumbled upon a great idea while watching some professional wrestling that prompted them to set up a special WWE themed event for their 90% max squat day. The result was nothing short of epic.

    This year, they continued with the tradition of making max-out leg day special by bringing a comic book theme to the weight room. As you can see, the players loved it, and went bonkers.

    “There’s nothing goofy about putting five to six hundred pounds across your back and squatting it up and down. Why would you not want to have fun while you’re in here lifting as hard as you can every day?” Feeley asks.

    “Every guy in America squats. Every guy in America benches and power cleans, but it’s how they do it and how excited they are when they perform those lifts…that’s what really matters.”

    “It went really good. Our guys got really excited about it, heavy weight got lifted, and a lot of team bonding was going on as well.”

    Looks like the guys in Muncie, Indiana have found the key to having some fun and breaking up the monotony in the weight room.

  • Randy Edsall and Maryland have agreed to a three-year contract extension


    Coming off a second straight 7-6 season, and an appearance in the Foster Farms Bowl, Randy Edsall and Maryland have agreed to a three-year contract extension taking him through the 2019 season, the school has announced.

    The three-year extension will be worth $7.5 million beginning in January 2017, with just $500,000 of that guaranteed, according to the Washington Post. If Edsall is fired prior to January 15, 2017 (the end of his initial contract) he will be owed a $2.6 million buyout. Edsall currently makes $2.1 million annually, and that figure is set to increase to $2.5 million after the 2016 season.

    After building up the UConn program and winning at least eight games in his final four seasons there (2007-2010), Edsall has consistently improved Maryland’s record since arriving in 2011. That first year the Terps went 2-10, followed by a 4-8 season in 2012. The past two seasons have seen 7-6 finishes and back-to-back bowl appearances.

    Overall, Edsall is 20-30 at Maryland, and holds a 94-100 record overall as a head coach. In their first season of Big Ten play, Maryland finished 4-4 overall and third place in the East. That .500 finish in Big Ten play marked a better conference winning percentage than Edsall ever had in the Big East with his UConn teams.

    A recent bright spot for Maryland under Edsall that could act as a barometer for the momentum of the program has been their success on the recruiting trail, as Edsall and his staff were able to go into Pennsylvania to grab one of the state’s best prospects, as well as adding two East coast 4-star prospects to their latest class.

    This year the Terps have a slew of tough road games at West Virginia, Ohio State, Iowa, Michigan State, and Rutgers. Here’s a look at the full schedule, courtesy of


  • Could these be Tennessee’s new uniforms?

    At the strike of midnight tonight, Tennessee moves from an Adidas property to Nike. The Vols have worn the three stripes since way back in the Peyton Manning days, so expect Nike to put it s own take on the daisy orange and block T.

    Peyton Manning Tennessee

    Tennessee has announced a noon ET unveiling of its new uniforms tomorrow, but we may already have a glimpse of how they might look.



    Tennessee4 Tennessee3

    While there is no guarantee these mock-ups will see the light of day, they at least made it far enough to the let’s-hire-a-model-and-take-some-photos stage. So that’s something. And the modern number font, the checkerboard incorporation and usage of black certainly seems like something Nike would do.

    Either way, we’ll find out for sure on Wednesday.

    (via @MarkSkog)

  • Steve Addazio: “7 on 7 drills are a joke”


    What I’m about to say should come to no surprise to coaches who have dedicated their coaching careers to the offensive line: Steve Addazio, a longtime offensive line coach himself, believes that 7 on 7 drills are an absolute joke.

    The topic came up on WNML-FM SportsPage when Addazio was asked about the youth and inexperience on his team heading into this fall. He noted that talent can be something easy to see right off the bat, but consistency is something that takes a little longer to assess, especially when talking about the quarterback position.

    “When you talk about the quarterback position, that’s a whole separate entity because there is the talent, and then there is the intangibles that, to me, matter more than the talent.”

    “You don’t know how people really perform until you put them in those pressure situations, so I equate it to 7 on 7. To me, the 7 on 7 drill in football is kind of a joke. The quarterbacks are throwing, there is no threat of being sacked, or being hit, and there’s really not a heavy contact threat in the back end.”

    “So, it’s a drill that has value for a certain reason, but it’s not real. It’s not real football. I equate that to preseason camp, and to spring ball. It’s not real. You’re not in the heat of the battle and you’re not on national TV in front of 70, 80, or 90,000 people with the pressure on you.”

    “There are some guys, that have that competitive excellence, that when their number is called, they’re at the top of their game. There are other guys where pressure plays havoc on them, and those are the guys that you won’t really know about until it’s the heat of the season.”

    Addazio went on to explain that he doesn’t believe in “gamers,” or guys that have bad practice habits that can just turn it on when the lights come on during game day, but does believe that there are guys practice well, that you may not be aware of possessing the competitive excellent trait until he’s actually in the heat of the battle.

    When it comes to 7 on 7’s,  Addazio is simply saying what everyone else is thinking. Is it realistic? Absolutely not. But does it have a purpose and place in today’s game? Absolutely.

    Listen to Addazio’s full interview below.

  • Tennessee is hyping their switch to Nike with some Game of Thrones flavor


    Since 1997, Tennessee has relied on Adidas as their provider of all athletic gear. But back in January of 2014, a decision was made by the Tennessee brass to make the switch to Nike.

    The move has been highly anticipated and publicized, and with the eight year agreement with Nike beginning tomorrow (July 1), the athletic department has started to hype the move, complete with an official unveiling of their new gear.

    More specifically, the football staff is pretty jacked about the move.

    Tennessee receivers coach Zach Azzanni summed up the impending Nike swag pretty well with this Game of Thrones play on words, with some help from the in-house graphic designers.

    Since we are talking about Tennessee, don’t expect the uniforms or helmets to be changed a whole lot. After all, they do have one of the most iconic and recognizable looks in all of college football. However, it will be cool to see Nike gear decked out in that signature UT orange.