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  • Photo: Baylor displays new silver uniforms

    Photos of Baylor’s silver (gray? chrome? all of the above?) helmets have floated around in the ether for a while now, but for the first time head coach Art Briles offered a look at what we can assume is the latest addition to the Bears’ wardrobe.

    Baylor silver

    Combined with their black kits, Baylor has now hit Oregon territory in adopting non-school colors into its uniforms.

    What do you think?

  • Report: SEC banks nearly half a billion dollars in 2014-15


    SEC and Big 12 spring meetings wrap up Friday, with each athletics director bringing home a big Publisher’s Clearinghouse check from this year’s revenue haul. While we don’t know the final figures yet, ESPN’s Brett McMurphy got his hands on this year’s revenue totals:

    The point here isn’t to belittle the Big 12’s haul – nothing wrong with $25 million per school minus the conference office’s cut, especially considering the numbers don’t include Tier 3 deals like Longhorn Network or OU’s deal with Fox Sports Southwest – but to stand in awe at the SEC’s revenues. Nearly half a billion dollars. Even giving the Birmingham office a full cut, each of the 14 SEC schools will take home north of $30 million this year.And the SEC Network revenues haven’t even fully hit yet, either.

    While football will always receive the bulk of the attention, this new money will help the rest of the conference’s sports the most. See Mississippi State’s hiring of Ben Howland as its basketball coach, or five of this year’s eight Women’s College World Series participants hailing from the SEC. Look at the explosion of growth of late: 

    The league is up $382 million from 15 years ago, $344 million from a decade ago, and an unthinkable $165 million from just two years ago.

  • Northern Illinois has chosen its field design

    A week ago we had the story of Northern Illinois looking for input on its new field design. The Huskies offered six choices.

    Some were bold…

    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.31.05 AM

    Some were not…

    Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 8.35.43 AM

    In the end, NIU went with an design somewhere in between.

    NIU field choice

    Northern Illinois’s design joins a trend – which we love – of non-flagship universities putting their state’s silhouette on their field or court.

    East Carolina football:

    ECU field

    Texas A&M basketball:

    Reed court

    Texas Tech basketball:

    Texas Tech court

    Since Northern Illinois has been the Land of Lincoln’s most consistent program this decade, we applaud this bit of flag-planting.

  • Video of the Day: Grand Valley State 2015 Hype Show

    Video of the Day

    Friday, May 29, 2015

    Grand Valley State: 2015 Hype Show

  • Suited ‘N’ Booted … oh dear


    Well, my friends, you have now officially seen it all. Shut it down. Close the internet.

    The Aggies are touting new, exclusive, cleats compliments of their good friends at Adidas and “Coach SnoopDogg”.

    Bow wow wow…