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  • Video: Follow Chip Kelly through a typical Eagles practice


    Not a whole lot happens here, but that’s kind of the entire point. Chip Kelly was mic’d up for a recent Philadelphia Eagles practice, and it provides a great glimpse of the NFL’s most intriguing coach in his natural element.

    Again, not a lot happens. He jokes with players. He introduces himself to uniformed military members. He’s fascinated with the Juggs machine guy and Skydiving guy. But I watched all 6 minutes-plus, and you will, too.

    Check it out.

  • Oregon State is taking players beyond their comfort zone for leadership training with the Special Forces


    Over the past few days, Oregon State has rolled out a three-part series that took a look at their approach to leadership training with the Special Forces.

    During this training, Oregon State players took part in actual Special Forces challenges ranging from 2-minute push-up and sit-up contests, to training simulations and various team building exercises, to training exercises where they have to rescue a downed team and keep them safe while also bringing supplies.

    All the challenges are designed to taking the guys out of their comfort zone to see if they can still perform, because that’s essentially what leaders – both in the military and on the field – should be able to do.

    “It looks like they’ve had a lot of fun. We have done a lot of things that are considered the high point of military training with the rappel tower, and overcoming the fear of heights, jumping out of a 34 foot tower.”

    “Putting them just a little bit outside of their comfort zone and still being able to perform is a form of leadership.” Lt. Col. Jeffrey Bruce explained.

    There’s a good reason why college football programs around the country have turned to leadership training with the military, and it’s because it clearly works.

    Take a look at the challenges players endured below

    Part 1: Players check in, contraband is collected, fitness test is issued

    Part 2: Combat simulation, critical thinking challenge, airplane jump tower

    Part 3: Making a flotation device from clothing, observing jumps, eating MRE’s and the final mission

  • Video: Here’s the trailer for Will Smith’s new concussion movie, “Concussion”

    How do you make a movie about the early stages of the NFL’s concussion crisis? Writer/director Peter Landesman and actor Will Smith have figured out a way.

    The film is based on the life of Dr. Bennett Omalu, a Nigerian neuropathologist who performed autopsies of former NFL players and, thus, got the ball rolling on the head-trauma issue the league, and the sport at large, still wrestles with today.

    Says Landesman: “Bennett has a savant-like relationship to the dead. His obsession is to tell the story of death. As he says in the movie, I think more about the way people die and reasons they die than the way they live. He was completely focused on the science. He didn’t know football, he didn’t know who Mike Webster was; to him, Webster was just another body on a slab. He didn’t have a reverence for the game because he wasn’t brought up in this country. So in some ways, his purity and his innocence was a requirement for him to drill down into this and tell us a very uncomfortable and inconvenient truth.”

    “Concussion” comes to a theater near you on Christmas Day.

  • Urban Meyer had a special assignment for those that decided to wear blue to class today

    The Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry is the real deal as far as college rivalry games go.

    Just take a look at how some of coaches involved in the rivalry have referred to their counterparts over the years; Woody Hayes coined the phrase “the team up north” when talking about the Wolverines just so he wouldn’t have to say it and the term can still be seen throughout the Buckeyes facility. More recently, Brady Hoke referred to the Buckeyes as simply “Ohio” because he couldn’t stomach saying the entire thing.

    Thanks to Buckeye running backs coach Tony Alford (in his first year on staff after coaching the same position at Notre Dame) and his Instagram account, we can officially add Urban Meyer to that list with his own special hatred of a certain color.

    While teaching a class today, Urban called out the students who decided to wear blue this morning and had them do some push ups in front of the entire class.

    Let this serve as a reminder – don’t wear blue in the presence of Urban Meyer.


  • Monday’s One Minute Warm Up

    To get the blood pumping:

    – The season hasn’t even officially started and we’re already getting awkward halftime interviews, courtesy of John Harbaugh on Sunday.

    – Miami quarterback Brad Kaaya is better than I remember…

    – It’s good to see UNLV embracing Sin City like they should have all along. Those black end zones are going to be really hot on September afternoons though.

    – Local media in Alabama should be aware, if you pick against your hometown team and three-time defending state champ Hoover HS (AL), you’re going to get blasted on social media.

    – The bird gang in Arizona has some swagger.

    – Wisconsin opens with Alabama later this week at AT&T Stadium. Here they ask “Are You Ready?”

    From the weekend: 

    – Helmet roundup at South Carolina and Virginia Tech

    – Skip Holtz and LA Tech open new facility to players, and their reaction is similar to “kids on Christmas Day”.

    -UCLA true freshman quarterback Josh Rosen may be the wisest player in college football.