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  • SMU has released the first hype video of the Chad Morris era

    Hype videos always try to dump a bucket full of optimism on their audiences, and that’s even more true for new coaching staffs. The past doesn’t matter – except when touchdowns were being scored and opposing quarterbacks were being sacked – and the future is nothing but bright.

    SMU’s introduction of the Chad Morris era is no different. This is pure, uncut optimism, right into your red and blue veins.

    As an aside, there may not be a more perfect marketing slogan in college football than #PonyUpTempo.

  • The Pro Football Hall of Fame is adding an assisted living center for aging Hall of Famers


    On Saturday the Pro Football Hall of Fame will pick its newest inductees, but it may also be choosing it’s future residents.

    Allow me to explain that last part, according to a piece from NPR, the Pro Football Hall of Fame is adding an assisted living center for aging Hall of Fame members. As part of a rather dramatic change over the next four years, the Hall has a $1.3 billion plan to add hotels, conference centers and corporate training facilities to the grounds in an effort to complement the Hall itself, and attract more visitors. Part of that plan includes the aforementioned assisted living center.

    The assisted living facility will be called “Legends Landing” and NPR describes it as “part business, part nostalgia, and part a sense of responsibility” to guys who have sacrificed their health to play football. As it currently sits, there are 160 living members of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and the assisted living expansion would aim at attracting them, and future members of the Hall.

    “Can you imagine anything that would be better to help you come alive than say, ‘Hey, I love football, I love the game — this is where I want to spend the rest of my time,’ ” David Baker, the President of the Hall of Fame, explained.

    While explaining the market for such a facility, Baker added that the employees could specialize in treating issues that a staggering number of former NFL players face, such as dementia.

    “The people that they’re interacting with would understand what they’ve been through,” Baker added. “They would understand what the players’ careers meant to them. They’d have a type of identification that people who haven’t been involved with professional football couldn’t have.”

    Beyond it being a solid PR move for the Hall, this is actually a really fascinating idea that I think would be very popular among Hall of Fame members. Just imagine a place where legends like John Randle, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice, Jerome Bettis, Willie Roaf, Larry Allen, Chris Carter, Warren Sapp, and Michael Irvin can all coexist under one roof, sharing stories and experiences that people would pay top dollar to hear. Something tells me that being a nurse there is going to be one of the most coveted jobs in Canton.

    Read the full piece from NPR here.

  • Look: Jay Harbaugh’s handwritten letter to a 4-star tight end



    Hailing out of Avon, Conn., Chris Clark is the nation’s top tight end prospect. The hunt for Rivals’ 79th-rated player is reportedly down to just UCLA and Michigan, with the new staff in Ann Arbor going hard after the 6-foot-5 pass-catcher.

    Last night, Clark tweeted a photo of a handwritten note from Wolverines tight ends coach Jay Harbaugh stating eight reasons why he should choose Michigan. Why eight? Because that’s the number Clark wants to wear in college, which Harbaugh promises him in reason No. 2. Also, reason no. 3 is… interesting?

    (via Reddit CFB)

  • Arkansas is ending their offseason workouts with….backflips?

    The offseason can be a grind for players. Keeping things fresh and exciting for them can mean the difference between them all having boundless energy for workouts and the dreaded stale weight room environment.

    It looks like Arkansas has an idea on how to keep things exciting.

    How about some backflips to end a workout – some standing, while others are of the supervised off-the-wall variety? I love the idea and the energy the team has when someone nails it…but let’s leave those stunts to the skill players, shall we?

  • This fan-made “Let’s Ride” Texas recruiting video is outstanding


    When it comes to football tradition, Texas is (without a doubt) one of the top programs in the country. For Charlie Strong and his staff, there are no shortages of things to sell in Austin.

    This fan-made “Let’s Ride” video illustrates that swagger perfectly by framing the video as a letter to recruits, and brilliantly uses the words of defensive coordinator Vance Bedford and assistant head coach for defense / defensive line coach Chris Rumph to get their point across. By the time they’re done making their pitch, you’re either going to be upset that you don’t have any college eligibility remaining, or be ready to sign on the dotted line.

    “You come to the University of Texas for a reason – because you want to be the best and you want to play the best. So if you need motivation to go out there and get fired up, you shouldn’t even be here.” Bedford explains to open the clip.

    “You’re here for a reason. You want to be in a position to play for championships someday. You want to be in a position to say ‘I’m going to be All-Conference someday.’ You want to be here because you want to have the opportunity to go to The League one day.”

    “Otherwise, don’t come to the University of Texas.”