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  • Florida HS coach delivers an emotional “I am a champion” speech honoring his late son

    Three years ago, Barbara Goleman HS (Miami, FL) defensive coordinator John Murillo lost his son, Ricky Quintanilla, to cancer. During Ricky’s battle, he would often sit in front of a computer and watch videos of coaches delivering his favorite pregame speech titled “I am a champion” to draw inspiration.

    Yesterday, before taking the field, coach Murillo delivered an emotionally charged “I am a champion” speech to his team in memory of his son, and you can tell it came from a special place in his heart. He’s made it a tradition after his son’s passing, with this being the third year he’s done it according to Manny Navarro of the Miami Herald.

    Read more of the story behind the speech here.

    This serves as a great reminder of the personal battles we all struggle with off the field and how, as coaches, our team is an extension of our family.

    (H/T Manny Navarro)

  • Video of the Day – Auburn highlights vs. Kansas State

  • Why was the grim reaper at Florida Atlantic’s practice on Thursday?

    The Plains Hotel, located in historic downtown Cheyenne, Wyo., is haunted. According to the website, legend has it one person was murdered at the hotel by being pushed out a fourth floor window. On another occasion, a newlywed bride found her husband in bed with someone other than her, and disposed of all three of them. All four sprits supposedly now haunt the 103-year old structure.

    According to those who are inclined to believe such things, the bride can be seen wandering the second floor in a blue gown. The other woman supposedly haunts brides. The murder victim casts feelings of dread on some guests. Reports of screaming can be heard from a certain room. You know, wholesome kind of stuff.

    What does in the world does this have to do with football?

    Florida Atlantic is staying in the Plains Hotel this weekend for its road trip to Wyoming.

    Head coach Charlie Partridge decided to spook his team by having the grim reaper show up at practice on Thursday morning.

    (HT Sporting News)

  • Steve Addazio’s Vine account is fantastic and needs to be examined

    Boston College head coach Steve Addazio’s entire mantra is “Be a Dude.” No matter what you believe about it, the man is committed to getting as many dudes at Boston College as possible, and it appears to be working.

    For one day this summer, the folks at Boston College decided the best way to spread that message was through Vine, Twitter’s social video offshoot. I say one day, because Addazio’s Vine account posted seven Vines on that day… and that’s the only activity it’s ever seen.

    Major hat tip to EDSBS for discovering this.

    I just… I don’t know.

  • How’s this for a promotion? Duke will have a Throwback Day on Saturday

    Duke will hold one of the most inventive promotions we’ve seen this side of minor league baseball on Saturday: Throwback Day.

    The Blue Devils will wear helmets harkening back to the Steve Spurrier days:

    Duke throwback helmets

    … and best of all, the Wallace Wade Stadium scoreboard will go back to the 8-bit display of yesteryear.

    Duke throwback

    The Blue Devils host Tulane Saturday at 12:30 p.m. ET. A win gives Duke its first 4-0 start in two decades.

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