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  • Video: Mike Riley narrates “There is no place like Nebraska”

    Mike Riley, the new face of the Nebraska program, does a really nice job narrating this piece about Nebraska, one of the most iconic football programs of the past 50 years.

    Produced as if he’s penning a personal letter to a recruit (or perhaps even a fan), this is one of those videos where you’ll want to stop everything you’re doing, and hang on to every last word.

    “This place was built by people working together to build it the right way. That’s what Nebraska, and what playing for this program, has always been about.” Riley notes.

    “In the end, we are all responsible for each other. That’s what a team is, and what representing something bigger than yourself means…and what representing Nebraska means.”

    It not only does a good job characterizing Nebraska, but it also serves as a good analogy for Riley, and his staff, as coaches and people

    “We’re here to grow young men and win championships, and those aren’t exclusive of one another.”

    “We’re going to build this the right way. Let’s start building it together.” he ends by saying.

    Those are pretty strong words considering Riley has only been in Lincoln for a handful of months after spending 14 seasons in Corvallis leading Oregon State, but it also provides some perspective on just how highly regarded this job is to him.

  • Video of the Day – Spring is here at Cincinnati

    Friday February 27, 2015

    Video of the Day

    Spring is here at Cincinnati

  • Dan Mullen (finally) signs contract extension through 2018


    It became a guarantee back when his Bulldogs knocked off then-No. 2 Auburn and ascended to the first No. 1 ranking in program history back in mid-October, but Dan Mullen’s extension at Mississippi State finally became official on Thursday.

    Mullen, 46-31 in six seasons in Starkville with five straight winning campaigns, is now locked down through the 2018 season. He’ll earn $4 million in 2015 and average $4.275 million over the life of the deal.

    “Dan has done a phenomenal job in leading our football team the past six years, and we’re happy to be in a position to reward his efforts while making sure he’ll be able to continue building a championship program for Mississippi State,” said Mississippi State athletics director Scott Stricklin. 

”Under Dan’s guidance, Bulldog football has achieved a level of consistent success unparalleled in our history, during which time we’ve been ranked No. 1 in the nation and appeared in elite bowl games. We’re proud Dan is our coach.”

    Mullen’s long-awaited extension means that $4 million is now the cost of doing business in the SEC West. Thanks to a scheduled raise for Auburn’s Gus Malzahn and extensions for Ole Miss’ Hugh Freeze and Arkansas’ Bret Bielema, the entire division will reach the $4 million barrier this fall. Every single SEC West coach has received an extension over the last 24 months. Les Miles is working on the oldest contract in the division, with an extension approved way back on Feb. 1, 2013.

    And one of those seven $4 million (or more) men is destined to finish in last place this fall.

    The pedal has hit the floorboard across the entire SEC West, with all seven schools heading straight for one another. It will be one of the most fascinating story lines to follow in the entire sport over the coming years.

    But that’s a discussion for another day.

    For now, it’s Mississippi State’s time to bask in the riches of a 9-0 start and the second-best final AP ranking in school history.

    “We spent five weeks ranked No. 1 last season for the first time, but we have only scratched this surface on what we can accomplish here,” Mullen said. “We have created a winning culture both on and off the field and built a program that has sustained success in the nation’s toughest conference. I’ve always said we are going to win a championship here, and I firmly believe that.”

    Yep, you and your six best friends.

  • Rex Ryan’s truck is better than your truck


    You know he has a pair of brass balls hanging from the rearview mirror. You just know he does.

    Yep, this is Rex Ryan’s new truck.

    Can you imagine if he coached the Florida Gators? Who else would you like to see get their truck done?


    Can you imagine if Les were to try this roll up in this?


  • Wake Forest’s off season draft has something never before seen in CFB

    ©2006 Wake Forest University Office of Creative Services. Photo by Ken Bennett. All Rights Reserved. For information call 336.758.5379.

    Wake Forest is one of countless college football programs around the country that held a draft of sorts to divide the team into small groups to compete over the course of the off season…except their draft kicked off with something that’s never been seen before in college football off season drafts. I’m sure of it.

    Even before the 30 second mark hits in this video, you start to sense that something just seems different about it.

    Demon Deacons tight ends and special teams coach Adam Scheier, appointed the “Awakening Commissioner”, starts the event off with a poem of sorts, delivered in the “the spoken word” form. Got to be a first right?

    At one point, he went on such a roll that the team acknowledges his way with words by snapping their fingers.

    After Scheier is done showing everyone how it’s done, the real draft of players begins, and you’ve got love the custom logos and creative team names that each group came up with, especially the headhunters which features the Wake Forest mascot holding severed heads of the Duke and NC State mascots.