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  • Another high school has canceled the remainder of its season due to hazing

    Times are not changing, they have already changed. Things that were acceptable in 1970s’, ’80’s, and even ’90’s are not necessarily permissible now. Not only are kids being permanently impacted by hazing incidents, coaches’ careers are being cut off for extracurricular activities in no way related to football.

    Take action, be a leader, change the culture. If any coaches have any experience with turning around a hazing culture into something more positive, or have any good speakers on the subject to recommend, please get in touch with us (

    With that said…

    On October 7 we had the story of New Jersey powerhouse Sayreville War Memorial High School canceling the remainder of its season after bullying and hazing accusations came to light, and now another Northeastern high school has done the same.

    This time it’s Philadelphia area school Central Bucks West, who Mike Pettine, Sr., built into a powerhouse and where current Cleveland Browns head coach Mike Pettine spent his high school years. Central Bucks School District Superintendent David Weitzel made the call after an investigation of the football program found “failure of the coaching staff to properly supervise activities.” The varsity and junior varsity coaching staffs have been suspended. (War Memorial head coach George Najjar and four assistants were also suspended this week.)

    “I offer my sincere apologies to any member of the football program who was subjected to the demeaning actions of fellow players who should have served as role models,” Weitzel wrote in a statement.

    Junior and senior players are accused of blindfolding younger players and leading them into the shower, where Central Bucks regional police chief James Donnelly described the alleged activities as “waterboarding.” The police department and district attorney’s office worked in concert during the investigation, and criminal charges are not off the table, according to the Philadelphia Intelligencer.

    “Once the facts of the case are known, we will proceed from there,” said district attorney David Heckler said.

    As hazing rituals have (allegedly) risen, the team has gotten worse. The same program that went 327-42-4 with four state championships under Pettine is just 2-6 this season. C.B. West had two games remaining this season prior to the cancellation, against crosstown rival Central Bucks East and the finale versus William Tennent.

  • LSU shows you why they’re the king of hype videos with their Ole Miss trailer

    If you’re an FBS program looking to become the king of hype/highlight videos, there’s one program you need to emulate in order to knock them off the throne.

    That program is LSU.

    This hype trailer for their tilt Saturday against Ole Miss crams a whole lot of excitement and energy into a minute and a half.

  • Video: “We built this town” is full of swagger


    Maybe it’s just my perception, but it seems like ever since Gus Malzahn has taken the reigns of the Auburn program their swagger, especially in the videos they release, is second to none.

    “We built this town” is no exception. This video is dripping with swagger.

    And to say that the music and lyrics (Warriors by Imagine Dragons) they paired with the video fit perfectly together would be the understatement of the year. Here are a few samplings;

    As the team walks through droves of fans to the stadium: “As a child, you would wait and watch from far away. But you always knew that you’d be the one that work while they all play.”

    While panning to an image of Gus Malzahn smiling after a win: “And youth, you’d lay, awake at night and scheme, of all the things you that would change, but it was just a dream.”

    The more I watch this video, the more I like it.

  • Video: A 26 year old head coach of an inner city program is documenting his journey

    Being a head coach at age 26 isn’t easy in any environment, much less in inner city Oakland at your alma mater. Those are the shoes that Edward Washington walks in as the head coach at Castlemont HS (Oakland, CA).

    On top of all that, Washington’s mom is on drugs, he helps take care of his live-in grandmother, and he is the oldest of 13 siblings.

    Over the past four season, Castlemont HS has had four different head coaches and they haven’t won a game in three seasons. Last year the school of 500 kids fielded a team of just 25.

    It’s a unique situation to say the least, and in Washington’s mind, he’s the perfect head coach for Castlemont because he’s went through the exact same struggles as his players. They’ve both walked the same streets, overcome similar obstacles, and wore the same jersey.

    “This is breaking the silence. I’m jumping in the middle and saying ‘Look, this is you in five years man I’m you.'” he told the cameras on his way into the school for a morning lifting session.

    “A Coach in the Deep East” is a documentary profiling coach Washington’s journey and how he approaches making a difference in the lives of the embattled kids of Castlemont HS.

    This a really good perspective at a very unique coaching situation that’s certainly worth a few minutes of your day.

  • Video: Learn how Stanford teaches their receivers to beat press coverage


    Last season, Stanford receiver Ty Montgomery was one of only 22 players in the country to haul in double digit touchdown receptions (10).

    This season, even with defenses keying on him heavily, Montgomery still ranks in the top 28 nationally in receptions (43).

    Here, in the latest Stanford Skills video, Montgomery takes you through some of the basics of playing receiver at Stanford, including how the Cardinal teach their stance and start.

    Then Montgomery touches on the good stuff, with some tips on beating press coverage.