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  • The value of multi-sport athletes: HS coaches share this with your players



    In a day and age where more and more high school athletes seem to be focused on specializing in one sport, and training year round in that specific sport, some interesting numbers have surfaced recently on the value of participating in more than one sport in high school.

    When it comes to recruiting and drafting guys, college and NFL coaches place a high value on the multi-sport athletes, and there’s no shortage of recent statistics to prove it.

    Take this tweet that I saw over the weekend for example:

    Recruiting multi-sport athletes is something that college coaches talk about all the time, and a number of additional tweets over the past few months have really helped to illustrate just how valued they are by some of the top coaches and programs in the country.

    Guys like Nick Saban, Urban Meyer, and Brian Kelly are just a small handful of the coaches that targer two, and three sport athletes.

    So the next time one of your players with the dreams of playing at the college level tells you that they won’t be playing a sport in the spring or winter so they can focus on football, show them this article.

  • FootballScoop visits with Walker Jones (CAA)


    This weekend Scott visited with Walker Jones who joined Jimmy Sexton and Trace Armstrong at CAA a little over a year ago.

    In a wide ranging interview, Jones provides excellent feedback for coaches at all levels.

    For example, on setting expectations, Jones offered, “We don’t go out and get people jobs, that’s not our job. Our job is to educate our clients, to prepare our clients, to market our clients, to get them in front of the right people…but at the end of the day it’s on the coach to get that job…”

    Scott asks what are the things that coaches want them to advocate for. “Flexibility with security.”

    This is loaded with great content about the role agents serve and what coaches should expect.

  • The Head Ball Coach is now on Twitter

    NCAA Football: Georgia at South Carolina

    We have been given a gift today, friends.

    Steve Spurrier is now on Twitter.

    Spurrier’s first tweet, fittingly for someone who is 69 years old, was a quickly-deleted misfire after he mistakenly tagged the University of Southern California.

    Here’s hoping Spurrier’s thumbs are as sharp as his tongue.

  • FootballScoop visits with Patrick Strong of Balch Sports


    This weekend Scott visited with Patrick Strong, an agent with Balch Sports out of Birmingham. Strong joined Scott on FootballScoop radio and the full interview can be heard below.

    Patrick leads off with an excellent overview of the role they (Patrick & his partner Russ Campbell) serve for coaches and then answers a number of questions Scott asks that all coaches can learn from. At the end of the day, selecting an agent is about relationships and career management.

  • Video: The coach that every coach should be

    Showtime’s Inside the NFL recently ran a feature on Gary Mioli. Mioli was not in the NFL – the closest he ever came was a MetLife Stadium seat wearing his beloved Jets green.

    Mioli was the longtime coach of Park Ridge High School in New Jersey. He guided the Owls for 23 years, marching the club its only state championship in 1995, until his untimely death last September. He was just 57 years old.

    Narrated by his son Joe, this eight-minute feature is so worth your time.