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  • Oregon’s newest uniforms will pay tribute to the explorers Lewis and Clark and the Oregon Trail

    Just when you thought Oregon couldn’t do anything else to surprise you with their uniform combinations, they’ve collaborated with Nike to create new Pioneer uniforms that emphasize the rich history of the state of Oregon.

    “For this inspiring new uniform, we want to celebrate the state and its great founders and innovators,” as Todd Van Horne, the creative director of Nike Football, explains in Nike’s official release.

    The details that went into this one are unlike any uniform out there, and the way they’ve found a way to pay tribute to the state history is really cool as well.

    Nike’s website has all the finer details, but here’s an overview.



    That subtle little squiggle pattern you see in the uniform is a sublimated tonal pattern of the Oregon Trail. Each uniform actually has it’s own unique pattern and showcases a different area of the map.



    A silhouette of Lewis and Clark is located on the side of the helmet, alongside the Duck, and the decal wraps around the lid.



    The back of the helmet features a 33-star flag, representing Oregon’s acceptance into the union in 1859.



    See more pictures, and read more of the details, here.

  • Monday’s One Minute Warm Up

    To get the blood pumping:

    – The governor of Texas wasn’t happy with the way the Cowboys vs. Saints game ended, and took to Twitter to voice his frustration

    – Merril Hoge, the former ESPN anchor, is having heart surgery today, please join us in keeping him in your prayers

    – Things were extra cheery at The Swamp on Saturday after Florida whipped Ole Miss

    – So this is how Sean Payton relaxes after a win huh?

    – It’s been 10 years since Frostburg State (D-III – MD) started off 3-1, and they know how to celebrate the occasion.

    The best from the weekend:

    Rich Rod has something up his sleeve…

    – Dabo: “Tonight, it was BYOG – Bring Your Own Guts”

    Weekend wrap up, with a side of nuggets

    On tap tonight:

    – Lions at Seahawks – 8:30pm EST – ESPN

  • Video of the Day – UNC All-Access win over GT

    Video of the Day

    Monday October 5, 2015

    UNC All-Access win over GT

  • Week 5 wrap, with a side of nuggets

    Week 5 showed us the beauty that is going to be the 2015 college football season, a season to remember. Yes, my friends, this week’s games showed us just how competitive so many teams are and in my opinion foreshadowed what is certain to be remembered as a wacky & unpredictable season.

    1. Let’s start at the top with #1 Ohio State, #2 Michigan State and #3 Ole Miss. In Bloomington, Indiana led the Buckeyes at halftime and darn near tied (or beat) them on the final drive. Ohio State was sloppy, fumbling the ball four times (losing two) and Cardale Jones threw one pick. Urban eventually realized that Zeke is pretty tough to stop and he carried the Bucks to victory. Michigan State opened a 21-0 lead…and then watched that nearly evaporate in the second half. Purdue was driving late with a chance to tie or win it; but simply could not convert enough first downs on their final possession. Purdue, who hasn’t won an FBS game in 364 days, lost by 10 to Marshall, 27 to Virginia Tech and 7 to Bowling Green; but nearly beat the #2 (?) team in the country…in East Lansing. As for Ole Miss, there really isn’t much that needs to be written. Geoff Collins’ defense dominated the Rebels. Jimmy Mac’s Florida Gators are  5-0.

      2. #4 TCU and #5 Baylor did what current day TCU & Baylor do. They hung a bunch of points on in-state programs and moved on. TCU’s beatdown of Texas was historic.

    Baylor & Texas Tech combined to score 98 points, with 63 coming from Baylor.

    Baylor quarterback Seth Russell joked (I think) this past week that one of their goals was to score 100 in a game. Baylor visits Kansas next week. Be nice, Art. Be nice. Also, keep this date in mind, Friday November 27th. That’s when these two meet up, at TCU. Points on points on points. Prepare accordingly.

    3. #6 Notre Dame just couldn’t get started…until it was almost too late at Clemson. Notre Dame did mount a tremendous 4th quarter comeback with both their offense and defense making the plays they needed to; until that very last play they needed. Notre Dame scored with under 15 seconds to play; but their two point attempt was stoned, and Dabo is still dancing.

    4. #7 Georgia found out the hard way that a pissed off Nick Saban is not something you want to face.

    5. LSU, a 44 point favorite, beat Eastern Michigan by 22. Despite having Leonard Fournette in the backfield, in the first half Les & Cam Cameron decided to dedicate their first half to giving their quarterback Brandon Harris the opportunity to get some down field passes under his belt. My eyes told me that Harris threw the ball pretty well. The stat sheet says my eyes aren’t very good. The truth is almost every pass he threw was catchable. His receivers either didn’t make the catch or in a few cases the defenders made nice plays on the ball. Regardless, in the second half Les wisely decided to let his featured back eat, and oh did the man eat. Leonard Fournette became the first back in the history of the SEC to run for 200 yards in three straight games. Herschell never did it. Bo Jackson never did it. Shaun Alexander in his prime never did it. _____ never did it. Nope. No one has ever done it. Leonard Fournette is special.

    6. Unbeatens – Ohio State, Michigan State, TCU, Baylor, LSU, Utah, FSU, Clemson, Texas A&M, Oklahoma, Northwestern, Oklahoma State, Cal, Florida, Iowa, Toledo, Memphis, Houston, Temple, Navy.

    7. Texas was embarrassed, again, Saturday. Late in the 4th, they were down 50-0; but let’s rewind it back a bit. Losing 37-0 at halftime, a Texas defensive back used his phone to check twitter. Ok, that alone is embarrassing. Oh, but it gets worse. The player retweeted some random fan who had tweeted that the player and another player should transfer to Texas A&M. Read that again. A Texas player publicly tweeted during halftime of their game that he and another player should transfer to A&M.

    When told about this after the game, Charlie Strong responded that he was not aware of this but did add that his players should not be on their phones during halftime. I just…I mean…what? New lows.

    8. Stanford couldn’t find their offense in their week one loss at Northwestern (who by the way is now 5-0 and headed to Ann Arbor this upcoming week). Since that game though, Stanford has run off four straight wins, averaging over 40 points per game. Nice turnaround for David Shaw and Mike Bloomgren’s offense.

    9. Nebraska is 2-3. Sounds real bad right? Well, have a look below. They are “that” close to being 5-0. Its a game of inches.

    10. South Carolina is 2-3. Les is bringing Leonard to town this upcoming weekend. Plenty of stranger things have happened; but let’s assume LSU wins that one. South Carolina would be 2-4 with Vanderbilt coming to town the following weekend. I don’t know that Steve could handle a home loss to Vandy. I’m worried we, college football, might be on the verge of losing Steve Spurrier the coach, and I don’t like that. Not one bit.


    11. The SEC West is still the SEC West. The top 4 teams in that division, whoever you think those four are, are going to beat each other up. No one knows who will be left standing; but whoever survives the West, if healthy, will be a contender.

    12. When Tim Beckman was fired just before the season I cautioned everyone that I expected Bill Cubit to rally these players and have a way better than expected season. Guess what, it’s happening. The Illini are 4-1. Their next four are at Iowa, Wisconsin, at Penn State and at Purdue.

    I’d be surprised if Illinois didn’t win at least two of those four. They then have Ohio State, at Minnesota and vs Northwestern. Bill Cubit is taking this team bowling. Will that be enough to earn him the job?

    Now, the rest of the story…

    a. UCF (0-5) is a dumpster fire.

    b. Arizona State beat UCLA 38-23. Tom Bradley might want to have his guys work on tackling & effort.

    c. Nevada lost to UNLV.

    d. Fresno State, Wyoming, UCF, Western Michigan & San Diego State have 4 combined wins. The only FBS win of those four though, was tonight’s win by SDSU over…Fresno State. Hey, at least someone got a W.

    e. Joey Jones and his South Alabama crew won the inaugural belt, in the battle for the belt with Troy, 24-18. Love that they created a belt for that game.


    Mike Kittrell /

    f. Zach, who usually writes this column, and his wife Tracy were blessed to welcome their third child, a son, into the world Friday night. Please join me in congratulating them. Mother and child are doing well.

  • Dabo: “Tonight it was ‘BYOG’ – bring your own guts”

    Dabo’s post game interview after his Clemson squad held off a late Notre Dame rally is going to live in infamy for years and years.

    The conversation started off with traditional post game coach speak before changing tones.

    “Hats off to Notre Dame, we had them down and they fought back, and that’s what great teams do and they’re well coached. But I’m just so proud of our team, and that’s what it’s all about.”

    “It ain’t always perfect, but what I told ’em tonight was ‘Listen, we give you scholarships, we give you stipends, and meals and a place to live. We give you nice uniforms…I can’t give you guts, and I can’t give you heart, and tonight, it was BYOG – bring your own guts – and they brought some guts and some heart and they never quit ’til the last play.” Swinney explained passionately.

    “And thank you to the good Lord, and my Dad, who was with me tonight.” an emotional Swinney added.

    I fully expect to see #BYOG added to recruiting fliers and on graphics around the facility very soon. God bless you Dabo.