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  • Wake Forest’s latest recruiting pitch for an in-state DL includes Kim Kardashian?

    Wake Forest has their sights set on Kengera Daniel, who happens to be one of the state of North Carolina’s top defensive lineman.

    Like so many other schools have done the past few off seasons, Wake Forest thought it would be appealing to put Daniel on a mock cover of People Magazine…with his arm around Kim Kardashian.


    While I certainly admire the creativity involved pairing a top recruit up with a celebrity, it’s an interesting tactic considering Kim is married to rap superstar Kanye West.

  • Eastern Kentucky’s intro video is straight out of a science fiction thriller

    Eastern Kentucky’s intro video might as well be called “Tron: Football”. I don’t know what the Colonels spent on this, but it was worth it.

  • Steve Axman will join the staff at Nicholls State

    Steve Axman

    FootballScoop has learned Steve Axman will join the staff at Nicholls State.

    Axman has an extensive coaching history, with four decades in the game as an assistant, coordinator, and head coach across college football, and with a stint in the USFL. He is generally known as a creative play-caller and an accomplished quarterbacks coach, claiming Troy Aikman and Marques Tuaisasopo among his former pupils.

    The head-scratcher – none of it is in the South, and Nicholls State, located in Thibodaux, La., is extremely southern. Axman most recently coached at Idaho, and has experience at UCLA, Montana, Washington, Minnesota, Northern Arizona, Maryland, Stanford, Arizona, Illinois, Army, Albany State, East Stroudsburg (Pa.) State, and with the USFL’s Denver Gold.

    Axman was most recently an assistant at Simon Fraser University in Canada.

    The move comes after head coach Charlie Stubbs resigned due to health concerns on Sunday. Associate head coach/special teams/running backs coach Chuck Hepola was named interim head coach.

    More to come as details become available.

    Axman’s full chronological bio:

    Idaho (2007-11)
    Montana (2006)
    Washington (2004, 1999-02)
    UCLA (2003, 1997-98)
    Minnesota (1998)
    Northern Arizona (1990-97)
    Maryland (1989)
    Stanford (1986)
    Arizona (1980-84)
    Illinois (1979)
    Army (1976-78)
    Albany State (1975)
    East Stroudsburg (1974)

  • NC State takes you inside the work it takes to get the field ready for gameday

    It’s easy to walk into a stadium on game day without even thinking of all the work that goes into getting the field ready for two teams to collide on it.  Hundreds of thousands of fans (and coaches) do it every weekend without a second thought.

    This video profiling the grounds crew at NC State’s Carter-Finley stadium sheds some light on the enormous amount of work that goes into getting the field ready, and its just short of backbreaking.

    “For the first game, we’ll come in the Sunday prior to the week of the first game and get all the logos down, then we’ll go ahead and take those off and line them off…so they’ll be down all week.” Derek Liles, the Wolf Pack’s director of on-campus facilities explained.

    “Then on Thursday, we’ll come in and we’ll do lines, and numbers, and the hashes, and the white in the end zones, and we’ll have a little black we’ll have to do. That takes all day…probably 9-10 hours and 65 gallons of white to do.”

    That’s a lot of meticulous attention to detail, while being bent over at the waist for hours on end.

    “On Friday, we’ll come in and do all the red. That’s the only thing that we do on Friday and that’ll take 6 hours and probably 100 gallons of red.”

    Next time you look out on a finished field, think of the work that went into it, and be sure to thank your facilities guys.

  • Two of the best trick plays of the weekend


    One of my favorite parts about Monday and Tuesday following a weekend of football is seeing some of the wacky trick plays that coaches dialed up over the weekend.

    The highlights from Friday and Saturday of last week include a fake field goal from UW-Platteville (D-III) and Plains high school’s (MT) two-point conversion they call “Ninja”. Neither one are groundbreaking, but they are both executed to near-perfection.

    First up is UW-Platteville’s shovel pass fake field goal. Nice design here with the pull from the guard and lead with the wing after the shovel behind the line to the right wing for six points. Seems too easy.

    Then there is the “Ninja” two-point conversion that Plains HS dialed up. The quarterback takes the snap and turns his back to the defense, who get quite confused, and then he lobs it over his head for the all-too-easy completion.

    Head coach Juan Lulack told MaxPreps that he has a few more tricks up his sleeve for his team of 17.

    I’ve been a part of high school teams who roll out with 17 against much bigger teams, so it’s great to see the enthusiasm from the kids after pulling that one off.

    Just for fun, I thought I’d also include this one from Arkansas State over the weekend that set Twitter on fire last night…even though it didn’t work out so hot.

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