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  • Photo: Wyoming’s latest recruiting mailing strategy is going to be a hit with recruits


    Finding an efficient way to connect with high school aged kids today with snail mail can be a bit of a challenge.

    However, Wyoming may be onto something here with a unique mailing that they sent to offensive line prospect Thayne Jackson.

    You can imagine the smile of Jackson’s face when he opened that one up.

    If you really want to connect with high school aged kids today, talking in popular movie quotes may be the perfect recipe to get your point across.

    The possibilities with funny movie quotes relevant to high schoolers are literally endless, so here’s to hoping that Wyoming continues this approach with many more mailings like this one, and other programs pick up on the trend.


  • Video of the Day – FastPhysical Auburn Defense

    Video of the Day

    Tuesday July 28, 2015

    FastPhysical Auburn Defense

  • Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up

    Take a minute and get caught up on everything noteworthy from yesterday, and get a jump on today here with the One Minute Warm Up.

    – College football’s favorite ball boy, Red Lightning, is heading to an NFL camp.

    – The new book on Nick Saban’s looks like an interesting read (NSFW).

    – Wresting may be fake, but this certainly is not.

    -The Special Olympics is full of heartwarming moments. Here’s a perfect example.

    – Pete Carroll takes you through the Seahawks very successful, and safe, tackling philosophy

    – Ohio State pulled the classic dummy prank, and you have to see Cardale Jones’ reaction.

    – New uniforms were revealed for Air Force and South Florida yesterday.

    – The NFL got their first ever female “coach” and Sonny Dykes and Cal made a hire on defense. Details on The Scoop.

    On tap today:

    – Jimbo Fisher, David Cutcliffe, and a host of ACC coaches hit the ESPN Car Wash

    – The Mountain West kicks off their media day

  • Video: Ohio State pulls the dummy prank, and Cardale Jones wipes out

    Ohio State pulled the dummy prank on a few Buckeyes today.

    Make sure you stay until the end.

    If only Nick Saban had known it was that easy to bring Cardale Jones down.

  • Photos: Air Force’s new uniforms have an impressive amount of new details


    At first glance, Air Force’s new uniforms may not seem all that different from what you’re used to seeing on Saturdays in the fall. But you’d be wrong.

    Take a look and see for yourself.

    After a closer inspection, the new unis have an impressive amount of cool new details added to them, as this tweet points out. Everything piece was cleary very carefully thought out on these new additions.

    (The picture has been blown up to make reading it easier on the eyes)


    Overall, a nice move by Troy Calhoun’s program in adding some fresh details to an already crisp looking uniform combo. Although subtle, it’s a change that recruits should enjoy.