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  • Announcing the 2015 FootballScoop FBS Video of the Year Finalists

    Video of the year

    FootballScoop is once again proud to announce another set of outstanding finalists for the third annual FBS Video of the Year contests. This year’s finalists — Appalachian StateClemsonColoradoColorado StateGeorgia and Mississippi State — emerged from a crop of dozens of entries by showcasing the best the industry has to offer.

    The winner will be announced next week, and chosen from a panel of judges to be announced later this week.

    Before we get to this year’s finalists, here are the winners of the first two FBS FootballScoop Video of the Year winners:

    Ole Miss, 2013

    Colorado, 2014

    Without further ado, the 2015 finalists are:

    Appalachian State: “Legacy – Pre-Michigan Motivational”

    Clemson: “Why We Work”

    Colorado: “FOREVER”

    Colorado State: “The Hunters”

    Georgia: “The Georgia Way – Fall Edition”

    Mississippi State: “Alabama Pregame”

    Our staff would like to extend a sincere thank you to all who submitted videos this year. This contest (quite literally) could not happen without you, and we feel confident the fourth Video of the Year contest will raise the bar even higher.

  • Oregon’s display of Marcus Mariota’s Heisman Trophy is gorgeous


    You know Oregon (and Nike) couldn’t display Marcus Mariota’s 2014 Heisman Memorial Trophy like every one else goes, in some glass case in the middle of the trophy room.

    No, it had to be different. Sleeker. More creative. Cooler.

    And, yeah, better. This just goes to show that Oregon’s brand goes well beyond its uniforms. It’s a top-down identity that covers everything the program does, and it leaves the program better for it.

  • Video: How Michigan is scoring recruits using virtual reality


    Programs around the country are using virtual reality in their meeting rooms to help players learn. Well in Ann Arbor, they’re using the technology to help them land recruits.

    The 30-second video, tweeted out by the Michigan Athletics Twitter account, opens up by saying “For the first time in collegiate athletics…virtual reality will be used for recruiting,” before assistant coach Jay Harbaugh gives a brief synopsis on how they’re utilizing the technology.

    “It’s immersive and really captures the emotion, where you didn’t feel as much like a spectator. So to be that program, and that university that is setting the bar high, is something that is exciting for everybody.”

    Once a recruit puts the goggles on, he gets a glimpse at his future at Michigan whether it’s coming out of the tunnel, or putting on the jersey the experience might be a game changer in recruiting…and Michigan is leading the charge.

    Check out the video below to see more on the experience.

  • Video: San Diego State is taking the Aztec look to the next level

    Today, San Diego State revealed their new uniforms for 2015, and the overall first impression is that they are taking the Aztec look to the next level.

    The most talked about part of the new uniforms will be the one-of-a-kind helmet design which will feature the Aztec Calendar, a unique piece of Aztec history that dates back to the 1400’s in Mexico. The new helmets will also feature a black stripe down the middle, which is a color that SDSU hasn’t incorporated into their helmet design since 2004, according to the release.

    The details in these helmets are really unique.


    Take a closer look at the changes here.

  • An Arkansas State associate AD is wearing a football helmet until the Red Wolves sell 10,000 tickets

    Last Saturday morning, Jason Martin strapped on an Arkansas State football helmet. He wore it all day. And the next day. And the next. One of two things will happen before he takes it off: the Red Wolves will sell a record 10,000 season tickets, or the month of August will end.

    Martin, A-State’s associate athletics director for external relations, devised this football helmet hunger strike as an unconventional way to attract attention to the Red Wolves’ ticket drive. “It was just kind of a brainstorm of what I could do that would be fun and goofy and still draw attention. I don’t know how it really came to me, but I decided to throw on the helmet,” Martin told FootballScoop. “I ran it by our athletic director (Terry Mohajir) and he loved it. From that point I was pretty much locked in whether I wanted to do it or not.”

    From that moment on, Martin – who testified he was indeed wearing the helmet while speaking to me over speaker phone in his office – has worn the helmet at work, at home, in the yard, and everywhere else except to bed and to perform other necessary human functions.

    Arkansas State officials told FootballScoop the Red Wovles have moved 6,312 season tickets as of this morning. Before you rush to create a GoFundMe page for Martin’s impending chiropractor visits, keep in mind that Arkansas State says it had sold 4,442 tickets at this time last year and finished at 8,571. “I’ve been trying to pace myself and not act too much like a bobble head. So far so good,” Martin said. “Ask me in another week or two. Hopefully we’ve hit our goal in the meantime.”

    Martin said head coach Blake Anderson and the football program loved the idea, though they haven’t exactly made the physical portion of quest easier on him. “I think anybody has football background or anything has given me a slap on the helmet just to offer some encouragement, which is fine.”

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