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  • Thursday’s One Minute Warm Up

    To Get Your Blood Moving:

    – Scott Van Pelt’s midnight SportsCenter debuts on Labor Day – right after the Ohio State-Virginia Tech game, probably – and it will feature lots of gambling. Sign us up for that. All of it.

    – Everyone says they have the best fans in the universe, but Iowa State has the best fans in the universe.

    Ten things you know only if you’re a football coach’s wife. – From the “Why didn’t we have this 10 years ago?” department:

    – Cleveland Cavaliers guard Iman Shumpert is planning on naming his daughter… Iman Shumpert, Jr.

    – Paul Johnson’s take on recruiting is incredibly Paul Johnson.

    In Case You Missed It: 

    – FootballScoop Predicts: Biggest Non-Coaching Surprises of 2015.

    – How parents can help their kids transition from high school to college, from an Olympian.

    – Nick Saban has won four national titles, and thinks he should’ve won four more.

    – Bob Stitt has a great response to his Twitter haters.

    – N.C. State’s new indoor facility looks great.

    What’s On Tonight:


    – North Carolina at South Carolina (6 p.m. ET, ESPN)

    – Florida International at Central Florida (6 p.m. ET, CBS Sports Network)

    – Oklahoma State at Central Michigan (7 p.m. ET, ESPNU)

    – Western Kentucky at Vanderbilt (8 p.m. ET, SEC Network)

    – Michigan at Utah (8:30 p.m. ET, Fox Sports 1)

    – TCU at Minnesota (9 p.m. ET, ESPN)

    – Duke at Tulane (9:30 p.m. ET, CBS Sports Network)

    – Colorado at Hawaii (1 a.m. ET, CBS Sports Network)

  • Video of the Day – No Excuses at Texas

    Video of the Day

    Thursdsay August 3, 2015

    No Excuses at Texas

  • Once again, Kyle Flood is talking and his administration isn’t


    It is now Wednesday afternoon. Rutgers kicks off its 2015 season against Norfolk State in (checks nonexistent watch) 68 hours. Its head coach is still under investigation, and no one from the university is speaking.

    The latest: reported Wednesday, through two university officials, Flood allegedly went around the instructions of his academic advisors and reached out from a personal email account to contact a faculty member regarding the status of defensive back Nadir Barnwell. The site alleges Barnwell was ruled ineligible in May, there was a level of correspondence between Barnwell, Rutgers’ support staff and the faculty member in question, with Flood kept in the loop the entire time. Then, after the matter was settled, Flood reportedly circumvented protocol and reached out to the faculty member himself.

    The university, in conjunction with outside counsel, has been investigating this seemingly simple case for a fortnight now. And, still, Flood is the only person on the Rutgers payroll trotted in front of cameras. He spoke yesterday, proclaiming he’d said all there is to say, and then spoke again today, this time airing his displeasure that he’s the only one talking:

    “Let me ask this question before I respond to it: So what you’re saying to me is, that a process that I’ve been told from the university not to comment on was commented on by people from the university? I’m going to continue to respect the process and I won’t have any further comment until the end of the process.”

    Just when will that process end? It’s anyone’s guess. But here’s one thing that’s certain: Rutgers kicks off in (checks nonexistent watch) 67 and a half hours. And counting.

  • Photos: Take a look at Arkansas’ new student skyboxes

    Remember when Arkansas announced its student skybox concept a couple weeks ago? The Hogs have provided FootballScoop with a glimpse of how it’ll look.

    First, a quick refresher: After consulting with student groups, Arkansas established four skyboxes – holding 150 spectators each – allowing student groups to reserve a dedicated space to entertain and/or enjoy the game.

    “Student groups wanted a defined areas to congregate together, especially during Homecoming and Family Weekend when they are hosting alums and parents,” spokesman Chris Freet said in a statement. “Based on his recommendation, we have moved the existing tents forward so they are flush against the seating area and we’ve created an intimate environment that can be reserved on a game-by-game basis for less than $5 per person.”

    The photos you see below aren’t the finished product – TVs, couches and walls still need to be installed – but they general glimpse of the idea.

    As someone who loves to sit high up and watch everything develop, I have to say I approve. Arkansas has done a nice job using space it already had to give students a great place to watch the game for those who want, and for those who don’t want to watch the game but still enjoy the stadium atmosphere.





  • FootballScoop Pick ‘Em: Week 1

    Hallelujah, hallelujah, the season is here. At long last, it’s finally here.

    And along with the return of actual football, the FootballScoop staff will pick the biggest games of the week.

    We’ll keep track of our picks throughout the season, with the winner getting to dunk the loser into a tub of tomato sauce. Or something like that.

    north-carolina.120vs. south-carolina.120north-carolina.60south-carolina.60north-carolina.60
    western-kentucky.120 at vanderbilt.120western-kentucky.60western-kentucky.60western-kentucky.60
    michigan.120 at utah.120utah.60michigan.60utah.60
    tcu.120 at minnesota.120tcu.60 tcu.60tcu.60
    washington.120 at boise-state.120boise-state.60boise-state.60 boise-state.60
    stanford.120at northwestern.120stanford.60stanford.60 stanford.60
    louisville.120 vs. auburn.120auburn.60auburn.60 auburn.60
    virginia.120 at ucla.120ucla.60 ucla.60ucla.60
    byu.120 at nebraska.120nebraska.60byu.60byu.60
    arizona-state.120vs. texas-am.120arizona-state.60texas-am.60texas-am.60
    texas.120 at notre-dame.120notre-dame.60notre-dame.60notre-dame.60
    wisconsin.120vs.alabama.120alabama.60alabama.60 alabama.60
    mississippi-state.120 at southern-miss.120mississippi-state.60 mississippi-state.60 mississippi-state.60
    ohio-state.120 at virginia-tech.120ohio-state.60ohio-state.60ohio-state.60
    Last week:N/AN/AN/A
    This season:N/AN/AN/A