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  • Recruit shows up at Auburn wearing nothing but Tennessee gear, gets asked to leave

    Tennessee Auburn


    Recruiting season is in full gear, and the folks at Rocky Top Insider have one for the annals.

    Preston Williams, a wide receiver out of Hampton, Ga., is committed to Tennessee but took an official visit to Auburn over the weekend. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

    But, according to Rocky Top Insider, Williams arrived with something on his mind beside whether or not he wanted to play for Auburn. “We are hearing that Williams was actually asked to leave by Auburn staff members because he showed up wearing nothing but Tennessee apparel and was actively recruiting other visitors to join him at Tennessee,” writes the site.

    First of all, I’m sure Williams is far from the first recruit to go on an official visit with ulterior motives. But if you’re going to wear the black hat and serve as a sleeper agent for the school you’re committed to, isn’t there a better way of doing it than outing yourself immediately with a daisy orange wardrobe?

    Coaches, how do you handle this? Do you send the kid home immediately or try to diffuse the situation in another way?



  • Pete Carroll describes “what every coach needs to be at his best”


    Back in 2009 Pete Carroll was on top of the college football world at Southern Cal. He had collected a few national titles, tutored a few Heisman winners, and was churning out some of the best NFL talent in the country.

    Then the Seattle Seahawks came knocking with a rare opportunity among the NFL ranks. Carroll was presented a chance to run an NFL team with the same outlook and approach that he had built USC with.

    “When this opportunity came here, it was expressed and clearly laid out that I could have the same type of responsibility and the same kind of approach. It’s been really instrumental, because the way we do things is not the way a lot of other people do things.” Carroll told Fox Sports.

    As Carroll goes on to explain, professional football may be a business, but the football aspect needs to be run by football people, and Seattle has provided him that opportunity from day one. In his first two seasons, as he built the foundation in Seattle his way, he went 14-18, then, in 2012 the Seahawks went 11-5 and lost to Atlanta in the NFL Divisional game. 2013 was the year that Carroll brought a Super Bowl title back to Seattle, and now they’re a win away from back-to-back titles.

    “It’s done our way. We have our own language, our own control, our own decision-making process.”

    “I think it has made all the difference in the world. It’s what every coach needs, I think, to be at his best. The format and structure that is generally accepted in the league is not that. I understand why.”

    Think of Carroll’s words the next time you go in for a head coaching interview.

    Read the full piece from Fox Sports here.

  • With signing day approaching, Clemson sells Dabo Swinney with this clip

    Signing day is just nine days away now, we’re officially in the single digits.

    With everyone’s best pitch now made, and the decision solely in the lap of recruits, a number of programs have released videos selling their head coach, or coaching staff.

    Auburn did it last week with their “Boom” video featuring Malzahn and Muschamp, and this video of Clemson selling Dabo Swinney and his accomplishments since taking over the Tigers flew under the radar earlier this month, but was recently brought to my attention.

    These type of videos are really starting to pick up steam in popularity this off season, and before you know it, 90% of programs will be doing it to get an edge.


  • Video of the Day – Join the Force

    Tuesday January 27, 2015

    Video of the Day

    Join the Force

  • James Franklin wants it known: “We don’t settle for Bs” at Penn State


    With just 10 days to signing day, staffs are busy scrambling trying to nail down their 2015 classes. It would seem like the perfect time to sneak something by them on Twitter.

    Well, not at Penn State.

    Earlier today Sophomore corner Bryant Harper tweeted that he got a “B” on his first Anatomy exam despite not studying for it.

    Not surprisingly, James Franklin wasn’t having any of that.

    Let this serve as a reminder to players, media, and fellow coaches out there; You’re not sneaking anything by coach Franklin, especially coming off a full 6 hours of sleep and a triple shot of espresso in the morning!