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  • Minnesota State-Mankato and Todd Hoffner are Division II’s No. 1 ranked team

    Todd Hoffner

    Normally we wouldn’t do a story about a new team moving into the top position of the Division II coaches’ poll in the middle of October. Nothing about the situation at Minnesota State-Mankato, however, is normal.

    If you’re reading this article then you’re more than likely aware of the situation. Minnesota State-Mankato head coach Todd Hoffner was removed from his job in August 2012 after being accused of child pornography, and but cleared of wrongdoing that November. Regardless, Hoffner was reassigned within the university following the charges, and fired several months later.

    He later accepted the head job at Minot State (N.D.), but in April an arbitrator ruled he was wrongfully terminated and ordered him to be reinstated as the Mavericks’ head coach.

    Now, half a year later, Minnesota State-Mankato is the No. 1 team in the country.

    The Mavericks, 7-0 this season after a 31-0 win over St. Cloud State (Minn.) and winning games by an average score of 47-10, ascended from No. 2 to the the top spot following defending national champion Northwest Missouri State’s loss to Pittsburg State (Kan.) on Saturday.

    To be clear, Hoffner’s homecoming wasn’t easy for the involved parties. The Mavericks were 34-13 under Hoffner from 2008-11, and went 24-2 under interim head coach Aaron Keen. On Hoffner’s first day back, players boycotted practice in a show of support of Keen. Keen was promoted to associate head coach, but has since joined the Eastern Michigan staff as special teams coordinator and tight ends coach.

    “We’re excited that we’re being recognized for the body of work that’s been done, even in my absence,” Hoffner told USA Today, “and this team is continuing the tradition and the legacy that have been build. You only get ranked No. 1 if your body of work displays excellence. … That gets us to where we are now.”

  • Here’s the video WVU was feasting their eyes on before upsetting Baylor

    Hours before the teargas and riots in the streets of Morgantown, West Virginia was getting their mind right to host #4 Baylor.

    Here’s the video that the team watched before heading onto the field and knocking off one of the top ranked teams in the country.

    The first three and a half minutes are filled with swag and highlights from their win over Texas Tech, and then the scene cuts to various sports shows that respect the home field advantage, but seem to have doubts on whether the Mountaineers can hang with the Bears.

    Then the video closes with these two motivational gems.

    “They may be the #4 team in the country. But when it comes to facing THIS TEAM, in THIS STADIUM…they aren’t ready.”

    “There are two kinds of people in this world; there’s hammers, and there’s nails. You decide which one you want to be.”

    (H/T @DougityDog)

  • Behind the scenes of NC State’s video department

    Working in the video department of football program may be one of the most thankless jobs in sports, yet no behind the scenes job is more important.

    Coaching and preparing for game day without the hours upon hours that the film guys (or for you Division II and Division III guys – your grad assistants) put in would be near impossible.

    Here, the NC State film coordinators (Hud Jordan and assistant Brett Davis) talk about their journey and then take you through their daily job duties and expectations, and demonstrate how they keep things running smoothly for Dave Doeren and his coaching staff.

    The best video guys are the ones that can happily maintain their position in the background because that means they aren’t making mistakes that coaches notice. It’s like being the center, the only time the average fan notices him is when there’s a bad snap, then all eyes are solely on him.

    These guys have a lot on their plate and help to keep thing running smoothly so that the coaching staff con concentrate on what they do best…coaching.

  • Video of the Day – Cinci highlights vs. SMU

    Tuesday October 21, 2014

    Video of the Day

    Cincinnati vs. SMU highlights

  • Tennessee politician uses attack ad to compare opponent to Lane Kiffin

    Worlds are colliding in the state of Tennessee this week. With election season upon us and Lane Kiffin making his triumphant return to Neyland Stadium as Alabama’s offensive coordinator, Republican Eddie Smith compared his opponent for the 13th House District, Democratic Representative Gloria Johnson to the former Tennessee head coach.

    “Like Lane Kiffin, who made a lot of big promises to Tennesseans, Gloria Johnson went to Nashville claiming she was going to reform health care and create jobs. And like Lane Kiffin, Gloria Johnson didn’t live up to her word.”

    That is an absolutely enormous stretch used for the sole purpose of pandering to Knoxvillians’ love for Volunteer football, but you’ve got to play to your audience, right?