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  • Arkansas Tech honored fallen teammate by playing 10 defensive guys, feel good moment ensues


    Courier News

    Back in July, tragedy struck Arkansas Tech (D-II) when they lost defensive lineman Zemaric Holt in a drowning accident.

    To honor him, the decided to take the field with just 10 players against Southern Nazarene (D-II – OK) in their season opener yesterday. What unfolded on that play is something straight out of a movie script.

    Southern Nazarene tries a trick play just eight seconds into the game, and things went south in a hurry. The ball ends up being fumbled and making its way to the end zone, and an Arkansas Tech player (Nick Akins) recovered the ball in the end zone.

    Arkansas Tech went on to win the game 62-14, and it all started with a special tribute to a fallen teammate.

    (H/T Deadspin)

  • Minnesota used a YouTube clip with 44 million views to distract TCU’s kicker

    The Dramatic Chipmunk clip on YouTube has been a nearly decade long sensation. Since being uploaded 8 years ago, the top played clip has grossed over 44 million views.

    To help put that in perspective, that’s twice as many views as the “apparently kid” sensation Noah Ritter from last year.

    Last night, the clip made its way onto the bright stage of college football when TCU lined up for a field goal against Minnesota. That’s the moment when the masterminds running the video board at TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis decided to roll the Dramatic Chipmunk clip, and they continued to do it as the Horned Frogs lined up for two additional field goals.

    In the interest of full disclosure, Minnesota is appropriately touting the chipmunk in the video as a gopher, and I have to say that I’d probably do the same if I had come up with the idea.

    TCU did end up missing one of those attempts to go 2 for 3 on the day, and the tactic had make Gophers special teams coordinator Jay Sawvel smile when he saw it.

    In the end TCU left Minneapolis with a 23-17 victory.

    Props to the good people at Minnesota who that thought of this one to spice things up inside the stadium. I really hope this catches on and programs put their own spin on it. Well played.

  • Is this the best college football video of 2015?

    Colorado has won the FootballScoop Video of the Year contest two years running, and the Buffs are charging hard toward a third title.

    Their latest installment – “Forward” – is the first installment in a new series, and sets the stage for where Colorado enters the 2015 season, gathering quotes from media members, coaches and players.

    The quote that sums up the entire 10 minutes, and Colorado’s current station in life, comes from junior linebacker Kenneth Olugbode: “People are saying we’re so close. We’re almost this, we’re almost this. We don’t want to be almost anything. We want to be that.”

    The Buffs tell us they spent “an uncountable amount of hours” putting this together, and you can tell. As always, the music and cinematography here are top-notch. Every shot is a Rembrandt. Watch for that alone.

    Post-script: Colorado lost its opener, 28-20, at Hawaii on Thursday night in a horrific ending.

  • Uniform Roundup: New looks at Cincinnati, Temple and Bowling Green

    Cincinnati displayed its new Under Armour uniforms a month ago, and now the Bearcats have already broken out their first alternate, and it’s a doozy.

    Nippert uniforms

    As you can gather by the text on the pants, the homecoming kits are designed to honor the 100th birthday of the Bearcats’ home, Nippert Stadium.

    Nippert Stadium


    Temple has slowly teased out its new uniforms, but over the course of the week they’ve given us a pretty good idea how they’ll look.

    Temple3 Temple4


    Temple5 Temple6

    Finally, Bowling Green has unveiled a new helmet. The Falcons continue to teach the Bowling Green how to properly put orange and brown together.

    BG helmets

  • Brad Paisley’s new music video features top mascots from around college football

    Country music videos and college football go together like peas and carrots, and nothing illustrates that more Brad Paisley’s new music video for “Country Nation”.

    Paisley brought a bunch of notable college football mascots on board to appear in the music video and the result is something that all college football fans will enjoy.