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  • If playing for Pete Carroll is “like playing for Willy Wonka” what about Kelly, Belichick, and Arians?


    Before joining the Seahawks organization, defensive end Michael Bennett played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Greg Schaino. It’s no secret that Schiano’s coaching approach and Pete Carroll’s are polar opposites, but Bennett explained just how different their approaches are during a recent radio interview on 750 The Game in Portland.

    When asked what it’s like playing for Carroll, Bennett responded, “It’s like playing for Willy Wonka. He’s crazy. He wants to be young.”

    “He just is one of those guys who’s always up beat, wants to have a good time, and let’s you be yourself,” Bennett added.

    Everyone remembers the days of Carroll at USC, when he was having the time of his life pranking players, competing for national titles, and churning out Heisman Trophy winners and finalists. He likes to have fun and has a unique way of connecting with his players, all while getting them to compete at a very high level.

    Back to that Willy Wonka reference for a second though. Is there a better whimsical, fictional character than Willy Wonka to compare a fun-loving, energetic coach to? If there is, I certainly can’t picture it.

    Just for fun, I decided to pair up a few NFL coaches with their fictional counterparts. Here’s what I came up with. You feel like you’ve got one that I’m missing? Let me know your suggestions at or via Twitter @CoachSamz.

    Chip Kelly – Dexter from Dexter’s Laboratory


    What better pairing for the most innovative offensive mind in the NFL than a kid who spends his time doing innovative experiments in his lab? Both have been referred to, on more than one occasion, as “Mad Scientists”.

    Bill Belichick – The Brain from Pinky and the Brain AND Yoda from Star Wars


    Belichick is regarded by (nearly) everyone as one of the top minds at any level football, and Yoda is probably the wisest fictional character is existence. That also matches up with The Brain’s obsession with taking over the world and Belichick’s hunger for more and more Super Bowl rings. (To be honest, this was probably the easiest one to come up with)

    Andy Reid – Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec


    I’m not even going to try to justify this one – for me this came down to their mustache game being the best in the business. It was that simple.

    Sean Payton – TJ Detweiler from Disney’s Recess


    Both Payton and Detweiler have that “cool customer” persona and everyone want to be friends with both of them.

    Bruce Arians – Cal Naughton Jr. from Talladega Nights


    Before getting the shot to run his own show in Arizona, Arians was a longtime – and very successful – assistant coach. Much like Cal Naughton Jr., Arians had to wait in the wings before getting his shot in the spotlight, and is now taking full advantage of it. (H/T Zach Barnett)

  • Video: Go inside a recruiting meeting at Miami

    Miami v Georgia Tech

    The off season is always filled with hype video, and season ticket promotions, but up until this point, nobody has provided access behind closed doors quite like Miami does in this video.

    Here, Miami takes you inside one of their recruiting meeting where the staff is evaluating a safety prospect. Each coach goes down the line and critiques the kid while also talking about what they like about his skill set while offering their opinion on whether they’re someone the Hurricanes should offer or not. The assistant touch on everything from technique, to football IQ, to how well the kid is coached by his high school staff.

    Things get a little heated towards the end, but no one is sold on the kid more than defensive coordinator Mark D’Onofrio who knows first hand how hard instinctual safeties are to come by.

    “I’ve been doing this for too long. Everyone wants to make safety a dumping ground. ‘I’m not sure he can play wide out, but he can play safety, or I’m not sure he can play corner, but he can play safety.'”

    “Everyone wants to make it a dumping ground, but if you’ve never seen the kid play safety, safety is a different deal. Watch this kid play safety. The best safeties I’ve ever had played safety in high school and their tape is good in high school and their tape is good in college.”

    A lot of programs advertise “All-Access,” but this is the real deal.

  • Video of the Day – LA Tech 2015 season ticket commercial

    Video of the Day

    Friday May 22, 2015

    LA Tech 2015 season ticket commercial

  • Now THIS is how you celebrate a commitment on Twitter

    On Thursday night Houston landed a commitment from Spring (Texas) Westfield defensive tackle Ed Oliver. He’s rated as the sixth-best prospect in the Class of 2016 by ESPN and the first consensus five-star prospect in the history of the program. Simply put, landing Oliver – and holding on to him for these next eight months and change – could be a defining moment for the Tom Herman era at Houston, a sign he’s capable of tapping the potential that so many see in the namesake university of the nation’s fourth-most populous city.

    It’s a major moment, obviously, and yet the program has to officially act as if it didn’t happen. Of course, coaches regularly toe the line of what is allowable by NCAA rules, and perhaps no one has ever tap danced that line quite as joyously as the Cougars did on Thursday evening.

    Are the Cougars writing an awfully big check their play will have to cash in the coming years? Sure. But for now it’s fun to watch them add a few zeros to that check.

  • Graphic: Stanford makes a compelling case

    A head coach’s responsibilities are endless, but in the end he three tasks that have to get done. He needs to win games, he needs to graduate players, and he needs to prepare his players for life after college football – whether that be in the NFL or in the workforce.

    A graphic tweeted out by Stanford’s football account makes a strong case David Shaw is acing all three of his crucial tasks.

    Winning on the field? See: two Pac-12 titles and a Rose Bowl victory.
    Graduating players? Preparing players for life after football? See below.

    Stanford graphic