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  • Week 13 Best Bets – The FootballScoop Staff weighs in

    Jerry Kill2

    Somehow we never published our Best Bets article from last week, but let’s just assume our bets were all fantastic as always.

    This season: Scott (4-6-1), Doug (4-7), Zach (6-4-1)

    Scott: minnesota.120 over   nebraska.120

    I like Minnesota plus 10.5 at Nebraska. Jerry Kill’s team is so well coached I simply can’t see them getting blown out in Lincoln. Nebraska, with losses to Wisconsin and Michigan State, might not give everything the way they would if they were playing to get into the playoff. I just don’t see Bo blowing Jerry Kill’s team out…and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Gophers found a way to win at the end.


    Zach: Baylor.120 over oklahoma-state.120

    I don’t know how Baylor is only a 28.5-point favorite, but I’ll take it. I fully expect the Bears to hit the 55-point mark in their College Football Playoff beauty pageant, and Oklahoma State has had major quarterback and offensive line issues this season. Not a good mix for the Cowboys.

    Doug: indiana.120over ohio-state.120

    Let me make this clear; I don’t think that the Hoosiers have enough in them to knock off the Buckeyes. However, with the spread at +34 for the Hoosiers, I think they’ll be able to cover on the legs of running back Tevin Coleman.

  • Week 13 Upset Picks – The FootballScoop staff weighs in

    Bret Bielema

    Two weeks ago marked our best week of the season, hitting two of three, and last week was our worst. Scott missed on Mississippi State over Alabama, while Doug and Zach whiffed mightily on Georgia Southern over Navy and Kentucky over Tennessee.

    This season: Scott (4-8), Doug (5-7), Zach (4-8)

    Scott: air-force.120 over san-diego-state.120

    I like Air Force (a 6-point dog) to upset San Diego State. Air Force has been playing very well of late, winning their last four. San Diego State got beat up a bit at Boise last weekend. Combine that with a tough-to-prepare-for offense in Air Force, and I think this is a Falcons win.

    Doug: arizona.120 (1) over utah.120

    My gut tells me that Arizona (a four-point underdog) is just too talented to lose this one. My gut is also the one that picked Texas A&M over Alabama (0-59) and Georgia Southern over Navy (19-52) so take that for what it’s worth.

    Zach: arkansas.120 over ole-miss.120

    It’s time to ride the lightning, baby. Arkansas has played above its record the entire season – and Vegas recognizes that, installing the Hogs as just a 2.5-point dog. Ole Miss had last week off, but I like the momentum Arkansas gained from last week’s at-long-last win over LSU to carry over into this week.

  • How do you send your Seniors off after their last practice?


    Think back to your last football practice as a high school (or college) senior. Chances are, if your coaches did something special for it, you remember just as clearly as you remember your wedding day, or the birth of your first child.

    That last day with your staff and teammates holds a special place for a very long time.

    With CollegeGameday out East for the Harvard-Yale game, Chris Fowler caught a rare glimpse of Harvard’s tradition for their Seniors as they take their last lap. Fowler then tweeted a picture of the special night.

    That got us to thinking about the different approaches around the country for seniors on their last day. How do you send off your seniors? Do you have a “final lap” for the seniors as well, where they take their time around the field one last time before shaking hands/hugging all the underclassmen with a word or two of advice? Or maybe you have underclassmen carry the seniors off the field on their shoulders after the last practice? Or do you do something completely different that you’d like to share with the coaching community? If you’re in the playoffs, and you never know when your last practice is, how do you approach a senior sendoff? Share your approach in the comments below, or share via Twitter with me @CoachSamz and I’ll update the article with the various approaches.

  • The Raiders saved themselves from the most embarrassing penalty of the year last night


    The Oakland Raiders snapped their 16-game losing streak last night with a 24-20 win over the Kansas City Chiefs, but it wasn’t all sunshine and rainbows in Oakland.

    There was also the play you’ll see below, which would have easily gone down as the most embarrassing penalty of the NFL or college football season, if it weren’t for some quick thinking from a veteran player.

    After registering a big sack with just under 30 seconds left in regulation, Sio Moore and Khalil Mack decided to celebrate a sack by running 20 yards behind the line of scrimmage. The Chiefs went no huddle to snap the ball, but Justin Tuck made the heads up decision to call a timeout, bailing his teammates out from the most embarrassing penalty of the year.

    Use this moment as a reminder to coach your guys up on composure, and game situations so you don’t end up a YouTube of Vine sensation for all the wrong reasons.

    Chip Kelly and no huddle coaches everywhere were smiling from ear to ear when they saw this one go down last night.

  • Video of the Day – #EveryoneInBlack

    Friday November 21, 2014

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