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  • Tuesday’s One Minute Warm Up

    – CBS did a nice little special on the man behind the customized cleats that NFL players have been wearing on game days.

    – After the illegal bat fiasco in the Lions game last night, this is an excellent point.

    – Harbaugh really is an old soul, and this is as much proof as anyone needs.

    – Southern Miss had an in game proposal over the weekend

    – In strange news, Arizona State is asking fans that attend games to stop painting their faces

    – Remember the Starbury basketball shoe? The only shoe attached to an NBA player you could get for $15 or less…well they’re apparently making a comeback.

    The best from yesterday

    – Joe Philbin is out in Miami, and is being replaced by 39 year old Dan Campbell on an interim basis.

    – Tom Herman and his staff have taped SMU jersey’s to the floor around the facility.

    – The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn’t expect to see this weekend.

  • Video of the Day – Johnnie Tommie: The weekend

    Video of the Day

    Tuesday October 6, 2015

    Johnnie Tommie: The weekend

  • The most interesting two point conversion of the weekend

    I’d argue that Notre Dame’s attempted two point play to tie Clemson was the most pivotal two point play of the weekend; but the one you’re about to see is perhaps the most interesting conversion.

    Rowan had just taken the lead on Christopher Newport when their kicker lined up for the extra point. Playing in rain soaked conditions, the kick, a low line drive, hit the center and fell behind the line of scrimmage. Rowan’s kicker immediately recognized the opportunity, scooped it up, and…. well you kind of have to see it to believe it.

    And, for those who want to watch a linebacker fill his gap, here’s Notre Dame’s two point try.

  • Tom Herman and his staff have taped SMU jerseys to the floor around the facility


    The battle between two of Texas’ first year college head coaches on Thursday night just got a little more interesting, thanks to an interesting motivational tactic by Tom Herman and his staff.

    Walk around the football facility at Houston, and you’ll notice jersey’s with “SMU” across the chest taped to the ground in the higher traffic foot areas. The message that sends? We’ll leave that up to you to decide.

    Houston beat writer Joseph Duarte tweeted a few pics and a video of the creative approach.

    On Thursday night (8pm EST kickoff), Houston (4-0) and Herman will look to remain unbeaten, while a much improved SMU (1-4) squad , led by Chad Morris, are looking for win number two on the year, and their first conference win in the American.

  • The #Twitter12Pack of things I didn’t expect to see this weekend

    1. Six teams have taken a 13+ point lead in every single game so far this season. Five of them have an undefeated record…and then there’s Tennessee

    2. Can anyone explain what is going on here?

    3. Weird moment running into a coordinator at the urinal during the game

    4. This is the best looking QB sack you’ll see for a while, and it comes courtesy of the HS level

    5. I’ve never seen someone as excited about a made extra point as Iowa State’s holder

    6. Gary Patteron catapulted a pre game zinger Texas’ direction, and then backed it up with a 50-7 win.

    7. The best GameDay sign of the week goes to…

    8. UCLA’s Jim Mora willingly took a safety and gave up two points in the hopes of gaining better field position to mount their comeback. Not sure how I feel about this one.

    9. If you’re an FCS program (Eastern Kentucky) that has played toe-to-toe with an SEC program (Kentucky), how do you pass up a chance to win with less than a minute left and opt instead for overtime?

    10. You may be able to say that you saw one of these coming, but no chance anyone saw all five.

    11. A combo I didn’t expect to see this morning: a hot dog and cotton candy (infused with mustard).

    12. Houston takes their secrecy in the press box pretty seriously, so don’t try any of this glass wall divider business when they’re in town.