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  • Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? Meet this year’s new charity sensation

    Remember the Ice Bucket Challenge? We on this site like to think we got in on the ground floor of the trend that monopolized your timeline last summer, and now it’s time for a new make-yourself-memorable-for-a-good-cause trend – and it involves egg.

    Borrowing the same premise from the Ice Bucket Challenge, Rhode Island’s football team partook in the Egg Crack Challenge for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Yep, it’s exactly what it sounds like.

    The Rams were challenged by a 11-year-old fan Matt Tokarski, a sufferer of Type I diabetes. Head coach Jim Fleming invited Tokarski and his mother, Kate, to a recent practice, where they presented Matt with an honorary jersey and honored his request by cracking eggs on their foreheads.

    After watching that, one may need to wash down the Egg Crack Challenge with a little Ice Bucket Challenge.

  • South Carolina’s latest “Here, it’s great to be a Gamecock” video goes inside the weight room

    Last May, South Carolina kicked off their brilliant “Here (it’s great to be a Gamecock)” campaign with a series of videos that were equal parts recruiting, motivation and poetry.

    The latest addition to that series pays respect to the hard work the guys put in within the walls of the weight room.

    “This room? This room is alive. Alive with four walls, 15 tons and a volume searching for a level.”

    “Here I grind for my state. Will one more rep be the difference? Will one more sprint be the extra edge you need?”

    “Here, we won’t leave those questions unanswered. Here, I become a little bit stronger, and faster, bigger, tougher, because when the game is on the line and my brothers are counting on me, that quit switch is the only obstacle from becoming legendary.”

    “Here, the fourth quarter begins now, and we have no choice but to lace them up and finish.

  • Video of the Day – Guyer HS (TX) off season video

    Video of the Day

    Tuesday May 5, 2015

    Guyer HS (TX) off season video

  • On Star Wars Day, UNC releases picture of “Tar Wars” featuring Fedora and Chizik

    Last week, on National Superhero Day, North Carolina worked their Photoshop magic with an image of Larry Fedora as Wolverine.

    So on Star Wars Day (May the fourth be with you) it’s only natural that they do work their magic again right? That’s exactly what they did with “Tar Wars” below.

    I’d be lying if I pretended to know who all the characters were, but you can see Gene Chizik and Larry Fedora prominently featured, as well as UNC athletic director Bubba Cunningham.

  • Video: “Success is not an accident. Success is a choice.”


    Stephen Curry is the hottest name in basketball. It’s not even worth debating.

    So what does that have to do with football you might ask? I’d argue that the formula for success that transformed the unheralded 160 pound high school shooting guard into the MVP of the NBA crosses boundaries of sports, and transcends into business and life.

    Trust me, the message in this video is worth sharing, and this profile of how Curry molded himself into player that he is today leaves you with a wealth of knowledge that you can share with your players, or simply use for your own journey in life, or the coaching profession.

    “My question to you is are the habits you have today on par with the dreams that you have for tomorrow?” the narrator Alan Stein asks.

    “That’s something that you need to ask yourself every single day. Because whatever you do on a regular basis today will determine where you will be tomorrow.”

    That by itself has the sound and look of something that would be a great addition to your weight room or locker room, and it goes right along with what Nick Saban said about success back in mid-April: “Young people have the illusion of choices. But if you want to be good, you have no choices”