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  • Two HS coaches sprung into action to save a player from a robbery attempt after practice

    Following practice at Kennedy HS (CT) last week, head freshman coach Roy Thompson and assistant coach Gilberto Velasquez heard cries for help. Upon looking up they saw one of their players trying to fight off two much older men in a robbery attempt

    Without hesitation, the two coaches sprung into action and freed the player from the assailants before Velasquez caught a beating of his own, suffering a fractured eye socket, multiple serious bruises to the chest, cracked ribs and a cracked sinus cavity.

    “My well-being and safety is second to my players,” Velasquez told WSFB 3 in Connecticut.

    Despite the injuries, Velasquez and Thompson were able to hold the would-be robbers down until police arrived. Come to find out, the two men were trying to steal the player’s headphones.

    “We didn’t think about it,” Thompson explained. “We just reacted. Just like a parent with a child, or any child, instincts just kicked in, and…it’s not big deal, we just did what we have to do.”

    These guys make a few grand a year (if that) coaching freshman football, yet didn’t give a second thought to putting their lives on the line to save one of their players from a couple of grown men with some very bad intentions. That’s the type of character guys you want coaching your young players.

    Our hats go off to you fellas. Well done.

    WFSB 3 Connecticut

  • 7 results from yesterday that likely impacted off-seasons hires

    College football’s week 4 is in the books and we’re beginning to see where this season is headed. It won’t all follow the script from here; but I do believe some of the results we saw yesterday will impact moves made following (and even during) this season. Here are some thoughts…

    Clemson’s loss to FSU (without Jameis) makes it even more likely that Chad Morris will begin immediately once accepting the head coaching position at SMU. Every coach wants to be true to their current players and there are clear situations (like where you have a shot to play for the national championship) where you wouldn’t even consider not coaching them; but this isn’t that. If Morris is offered the position, and I think he will be, there really is no reason for either side for him to delay making the move.

    Indiana, one week after losing at Bowling Green, upset a quality Missouri program that had just IndianaSeasonbeaten UCF into the ground the prior week. The chirps were growing out there following the loss at BGSU that Wilson’s run might not finish the season. Now in his fourth season, Wilson’s teams have gone 1-11, 4-8, 5-7. This win at Missouri was big for the confidence of Wilson’s team more than anything. A lot of season left to play and it feels like Wilson needs to get his team to at least 6 wins this season and there is a path there…

    Paul Johnson didn’t have a quiet off-season. There have been whispers everywhere. After struggling mightily to beat Georgia Southern last weekend, I’m not sure how many people thought GT was going to march into Lane Stadium and beat Virginia Tech; but they did just that. It was an odd ballgame; but you know what else it was…a “W” for Georgia Tech. Tech is 4-0 and the complaints about Paul Johnson are quieter…for now. With a full slate of ACC action + a closer at Georgia there is a whole lot of football left to play; but don’t count Paul Johnson out. He’s a good football coach.

    Illinois nearly lost at home to Texas State. Texas State had the lead following the 1st, 2nd and IllinoisSeason3rd quarters; but you know what they only give out the “W” and “L” at the end of the game and Illinois pulled together three scoring drives in the 4th quarter to get the win. I haven’t seen Illinois play this season; but it’s pretty clear that Bill Cubit was a great hire by Tim Beckman. Tim Beckman is now in his third season at the helm in Illinois (going 2-10 in 2012 and 4-8 in 2013). Feels like Beckman needs to get to 6 wins this season to have had a “successful” season. They’ve bagged three wins. Can they find 3 more? If they do, with that remainder, I’d call that a success.

    Michigan lost to Utah in the Big House. Anyone else worried this season is spiraling away from Brady Hoke? Minnesota comes to the Ann Arbor this weekend. A loss in that one would seem to be a back-breaker.

    Louisiana Lafayette is 1-3. Each of the past three seasons Hud has produced a 9-4 record at Lafayette. Does this slow start cool the “Hud is the next big thing” chatter? I think it does a bit. A slow start in year 1 or 2 seems logical many times. In year four, with a returning starter at quarterback? That is more of a head-scratcher. The remaining SunBelt schedule presents plenty of opportunities for wins; but is there something else happening here? I don’t know; but if I’m wondering that, I suspect those on various “search committees” will too.

    Paul Petrino‘s first season at Idaho ended 1-11. This second season hasn’t gotten off well either. The Vandals are 0-3 and the road doesn’t look very easy to get to a few wins. They finish with Troy in Idaho and at App State. Those well might be the only two games they have a real shot at.

    I have a few more thoughts to add….but running late for Church. Will update later.

  • Rich Rod pulls off the greatest comeback you didn’t see last night

    Playing in Tucson, Cal stormed out of the gates to a 28-6 halftime lead over the Wildcats. At the end of the 3rd quarter it was 31-13 Cal…and most of America went to bed as it was past 1AM ET.

    Cal went on to add another 14 points in the 4th quarter. Yep, what a night for Sonny Dykes, Tony Franklin, Art Kaufman and staff, right????

    Well, hold on folks. In that fourth quarter Arizona finished their first drive with a field goal and followed that up with five consecutive touchdown drives. Yes, the Wildcats scored 36 points in the 4th quarter to win…and the final six came on the Hail Mary below. Enjoy

    Another angle…

  • The best Tweets and Vines from Saturday’s action

    Here are the best Vines and Tweets we collected from Saturday. If you’ve got something better, please leave it in the comments.

  • The seven plays that cost Clemson an upset of Florida State


    What’s the most painful way to lose, tasting the sweet nectar of victory on the tip of your tongue only to have it turn into sour defeat, or simply getting pulverized into oblivion?

    Anyone wearing orange and purple can make you a pretty strong case after Florida State’s come-from-behind 23-17 overtime win over Clemson on Saturday night. The ‘Noles trailed 17-10 in the fourth quarter, and turned the ball over inside their own territory inside of two minutes left in the game, and still won.

    As if each of these plays wouldn’t already be running through their mind indefinitely, here are the seven plays that turned the tide on Saturday night. Any one of these goes differently, and we may have a new No. 1 on Sunday morning.

    • Not under-throw a wide-open tight end on third-and-goal on the first drive of the game.
    • Not miss the ensuing field goal.
    • Not snap the ball over your quarterback’s head while knocking on the door of another touchdown, moving from the four-inch line to the 24.
    • Not missing that ensuing field goal.
    • Not having your defensive back fall down in front of Florida State’s best receiver, allowing an otherwise silent Rashad Greene to stroll in for a game-tying 74-yard touchdown grab.
    • Not fumbling the ball at the Florida State 14 with 1:36 to play, missing a chance at a game-winning touchdown or field goal.
    • Not running the ball on fourth-and-1 against a stacked box in overtime.

    Congratulations to Jimbo Fisher and staff, and hugs to Dabo, Chad Morris and the folks at Clemson. Lots and lots of hugs.