Hidden deep within the jungle of the NCAA rules proposal process sits proposal 2015-48, which could change the way coaches use social media. An amendment of bylaws 11.3.2 and 13.10.2, proposal 2015-48 would, in NCAA-ese:

Establish exceptions to the prohibitions on endorsements of events that primarily involve prospective student-athletes, or endorsements of a prospective student-athlete’s team or coach, or an athletics facility that is primarily used by prospective student-athletes, and an exception to the restrictions on publicity before commitment that permits actions (e.g., “like,” “favorite,” republish, “tag,” etc.) by an institutional staff member on social media platforms that indicate approval of content on social media platforms that was generated by users of the platforms other than institutional staff members or representatives of an institution’s athletics interests.

In plain English, the rationale for the rule is as follows:

Under the current legislation, it is difficult to monitor all coaches and their social media activities (e.g., “likes,” “favorites,” republishing, “tags,” etc.). This proposal would create exceptions to the restrictions related to endorsement activities and publicity related to recruiting on social media platforms and attempt to maintain pace with the frequent creation and/or enhancement of social media applications.

And in layman’s terms, view this explanation by compliance guru John Infante.

In other words, coaches will never, ever be able to stop looking at their phones.

Proposal 2015-48 was forwarded by the MAC and, pending approval from the NCAA’s Board of Directors meeting on April 28, would go into effect on August 1.

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