After Saturday’s close 31-38 loss to Clemson on Saturday, where officials left the field to fans throwing objects and spitting on them, Dave Doeren was asked about the officiating.

His response of “I wish it was a lot better” isn’t what caught everyone’s attention, but what he said after that perked up the ears of many.

“I’d like to know why there is a laptop on Clemson’s sideline that people were looking at too. I’d like that to be investigated,” Doeren said, obviously a bit bothered by what he saw in a photo shown to him.

“I was told that it is illegal to have technology on the sideline. So I’d like to know that as well.”

NCAA rules do state that computers cannot be used on the sideline for “any coaching purposes.”

After the game, Clemson spokesman Tim Bourret noted that the laptop was being used by a student working on social media stuff, according to the Associated Press, which is a completely logical explanation.

ACC spokesperson Kevin Best added Sunday that league officials talked with Clemson and came away “satisfied with their explanation” for why the laptop was being used during the game, per the AP report.

Complaining about anything following a loss is never a good look, especially when the complaint ends up having nothing to do with the outcome of the game.