The first episode of HBO’s hit Hard Knocks series with the Houston Texans this season starts with a bang with footage from one of the coaching staff’s pre-camp meetings, and Bill O’Brien makes it clear that the Texans don’t have any respect in the league, complete with the colorful language you’ve come to love from HBO.

O’Brien continues to set that tone with his players during the first team meeting.

“There are 90 guys in this room right now. Can we get 90 guys on the same page? I don’t know. I’m counting on the leaders to show the guys that haven’t been here that long what is best for the team.

“You’re in the NFL now. Everyone is talented. It’s about more than that. It’s about being the guy that your teammate can count on. It don’t matter where you came from, or how you were raised. One guy was raised in the suburbs, while another guy was raised in the inner city. One guy was raised by his mom, another guy had both parents. It doesn’t matter.”

“The only thing that matters in that locker room is are you willing to help? Are you willing to help the team win?”

The rest of the episode is exactly what you come to expect from Hard Knocks; behind the scenes stuff with players, quality face time with the big names on the roster and the rookies, going inside team meetings and practices, and so much more.

Catch the full episode below.