The reigning kings of college football are now also the kings of College Football Twitter.

At some point early Thursday morning, Clemson surpassed Michigan to grab ahold the No. 1 spot among college football team accounts.

Ironically, Michigan is college football’s all-time winningest team, so the two most followed teams in the sport are the best current team and the winningest all-time program.

It’s perfectly fitting that Clemson has the most followed Twitter account in the game since the Tigers have led the way in digital innovation for a period that perfectly matches with the program’s rise under Dabo Swinney. Clemson is really, really good at marketing itself through social media, and the public has noticed.

For the record, the third-most followed Twitter account is, though the No. 1 account would have something to say about this, arguably the best current program.

For the record, college football’s most-followed coach is more popular than any one program in the game — and it’s not close.