Culture is one of the biggest buzzwords in the entire coaching profession. Every coach in America wants an elite culture, and there is no shortage of information out there on the topic.

Ask a coach, or culture expert, for a short definition of what culture is, and you’ll get a wide array of answers, however this tweet I came across this morning sums up the culture that coaches strive to create really well.

The quote come from FAU women’s basketball coach Jim Jabir, who joined the program in April of 2017.

“As we look to build this culture, I want our players to understand the difference between being compliant and compelled. To be compelled is to do something because you have the desire to go above what is expected. To be compliant is to do what is asked of you before you feel you are required. As coaches, we want kids who are not content or satisfied, but who are hungry to be successful and compelled to work hard and push themselves to be better. We do not have time for people wo are here to do just enough. We want to ingrain the drive for success and greatness. These things take an unprecedented level of commitment, a compelled nature to go beyond.”

Jabir has nearly 500 wins to his name with stops at Dayton, Providence, Marquette, Siena, and Buffalo State, and is now looking to build something special with the FAU women’s basketball program. As with everything that needs to be built, it starts with culture.

Below is the tweet from FAU women’s basketball account with the quote as well.

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